Easy Workout Routines To Do In Your Apartment

Many people are finding it challenging to stay cooped up inside their apartments during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unable to go out for their workouts, they seem to be thrown into a tizzy. You can work out inside your apartment without setting foot outside. Instead of using equipment, you can get your body weight to do the work for you. With just a yoga mat you are ready to get started. You can know the different types of asanas and the correct way of doing them from this source.

Work on your Core

Challenge your core by lying down on your back and rolling on to your left side while keeping your knees straight. Then proceed to prop your body on your left forearm and elbow. The next step involves raising your hips to keep your body in a straight line and make sure to hold on to this position, till you are comfortable. You will notice that you are able to hold this position for a longer duration with daily practice.

Easy Workout Routines To Do In Your Apartment
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Work on your Balance

You can work on your balance by standing on your left with your arms stretched out in front of you. Then proceed to lower your torso so that you reach the floor. Do not forget to raise your right leg until it is parallel to the floor at the same time, you need to keep both your legs straight. Hold this position for a few seconds before you go back to the standing position. Now switch to your right foot and repeat the workout.

Work on your Triceps

Challenge your triceps by sitting on the edge of a couch or a chair while your hands are placed near your hips. Start lifting your body slowly as you walk your feet out. Do this until your entire body is outstretched. Your heels need to be on the ground with the toes pointing in the air.

Work on your Glutes

Challenge your glutes this lockdown by placing your feet wide apart with your toes turned out slightly. Then raise a rolled towel gradually above your head. Make sure your arms are fully extended and then proceed to squat without moving your knees past your toes. Stand back up once you are done. Repeat this a few times. This is a great way to stay active while you are stuck at home.

You can go Walking or Bike Riding

If you have the space in your apartment building or neighborhood never hesitate to go around for a good walk. According to DARO Apartments experts, it boils down to the place you choose to live. If you live in a community that offers spacious living with a professional landscape plan, it is possible. Most landscape plans today accommodate spaces for biking and walking.

Easy Workout Routines To Do In Your Apartment
Source: Pinterest

Work on your Lower Body

You can challenge your lower body by standing with your back to the wall with feet around two feet in front of you and then bending your knees to sit in an imaginary chair. Hold this position as long as possible. You can make it more challenging by raising one leg at a time so that your shin remains parallel to the floor and then switching legs.

Work on Your Upper Body

Pushups are a great way to challenge your upper body. You need to place your weight on your forearms as you bend your elbows. Extend your arms to move into the pushup position. If you are finding push ups difficult, try starting with knee pushups and then working your way up. You can also hold the push up position to do a plank.

With a proper workout routine in place, you will not miss your gym for a while. Keep working out and stay healthy during the quarantine!

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