Custom T Shirts and Hoodie Design Trends

The start of a new decade has ushered in a few new design trends for custom T-shirts and hoodies. Though such trends rarely need a reason to emerge, 2020 does seem like a propitious year for some of the best trends to be part of the vogue. In this article, we go through the top custom t-shirt and hoodie design trends that can revamp your wardrobe.

Custom T Shirts and Hoodie Design Trends
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1. Rainbows

Rainbows symbolize diversity and solidarity and have become a universal symbol that evokes joy, wonder, and hope. Colorful rainbows have become quite popular lately as t-shirt and hoodie designs and can be paired with an inspirational word or phrase. You could stylize your rainbow in your own unique way with colors that match your taste in aesthetics.

2. Artwork

Artists have moved their creations out of Instagram and onto custom hoodies and t-shirts. Art work that has become fan favorites on social media can easily be translated into apparel design. If you are an artist, or know one who designs some awe inspiring creations, you can select a design that has become the most popular and would translate well to screen printing.

3. Mountains

Mountains have ever been symbolic of (seemingly) unconquerable challenges, the awe-inducing magnitude of nature, and simple quiescence. Their serene beauty can be visually represented in a myriad ways which makes them a very popular choice of apparel imagery. Whether your mountain design is intricate or whimsical, be sure to pair it with an inspiring phrase that truly captures the spirit.

4. Quaint Florals

Flowers are not only symbolic of delicate beauty, but can also be representative of a variety of attitudes. They can stand for growth, new beginnings, or beauty itself. They can also be added to highlight or ornament words or phrases and bring about a new dimension to their meaning. If this is your goal, it helps to swathe the words with the flowers to give bring about an organic feel to the design.

5. Inspirational Words

Sometimes, custom t shirts and hoodies need to make a bold statement. For such purposes, having an inspiring or quote-worthy phrase on your apparel helps to get the point across clearly and without any clutter. This helps especially when what you wear has to make a statement for a cause or a social movement. You can either be minimalist in your approach or have fun with bolt texts and colors. Pro tip: Hand-drawn text adds to the intensity of your statement.

Custom T Shirts and Hoodie Design Trends
Credit: Pintrest

6. Off-register Prints

Feeling moody? Take a cue out of screen printing on paper and color outside the lines to add interest to an illustration. Off-register prints have their roots in ‘60’s art and tend to come back into vogue time and time again. When designing a custom t-shirt, be light-handed so the blobs of color are slightly ill aligned. To do so, first create a line drawing of the letters or the object that you wish to depict and add in the colors later, ensuring that you lay the colors a bit off from the lines.

7. Abstract

Abstract forms and shapes make for compelling custom t-shirt and hoodie designs. These can either be paired up with text or stand alone. Abstract designs do an amazing job at expressing one’s inner emotional and psychic world – something that concrete visual references have a hard time referring to. Let your imagination run wild while coming up with the design and add in the color later for a riveting effect.


T-shirts and hoodies provide a blank canvas upon which you can let your imagination loose and truly depict what you care about. With these seven design trends, you are guaranteed to stay hip while indulging your creative genius.

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