Celebrities That Love Casinos

Despite the well known fact that Italy along with it’s siti non AAMS casinos is loved by many celebrities, there aren’t many more places in the world that can match the sheer grandeur and decadence of modern super casinos in places like Las Vegas or Macau. Honestly, these buildings alone can be absolutely mind-numbingly gargantuan, and that is before you even get to all the thrilling features inside – some Las Vegas casinos even have fully-fledged zoos inside!

Celebrities That Love Casinos

It is this that makes casinos such perfect places for the rich and famous of the world too, because we cannot think of many more perfect locations for people like film stars to unwind. The other great thing about casinos for celebrities is the fact that they often have huge, almost infinite bankrolls, and this means that they can gamble away to their heart’s content – play at 666 Casino. Read on for a few celebrities that love casinos.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is one of Hollywood’s most archetypal strongmen, having appeared in multiple box office smash hit motion picture’s such as the iconic Die Hard franchise. The actor has earned several million dollars during his illustrious career so far, and therefore it is no surprise that he is regularly seen in some of Las Vegas’ premier casinos.

Bruce Willis’ game of choice seems to be poker more than anything else, although those close to him will tell you that the man is a great lover of all kinds of gambling games.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson shot to fame during the late 80s and early 90s as a result of the iconic program Baywatch, where she played the character of C.J Parker alongside a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Pamela Anderson would have got a huge amount of money from this series, and gambling is one of her favourite ways to spend it.

She is often found on Las Vegas poker and blackjack tables, however it seems as though her favourite gambling avenue is actually on the slots. Funnily enough she has even been spotted playing her very own branded Baywatch slot game, in which she had to meet the cartoon version of herself!

Celebrities That Love Casinos
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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has had an incredibly varied and distinguished career over the last few decades, appearing in Hollywood classics such as Good Will Hunting, and more recent critically acclaimed moves such as Gone Girl. As it turns out he is also an avid gambler, so it is pretty lucky that he has ended up being able to earn so much money.

In fact, Ben Affleck’s blackjack skills are pretty legendary, with the actor winning some absolutely massive jackpots from Las Vegas casinos over the years.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had an incredibly bountiful career, however it has also been blighted by things such as substance addiction. One thing that he has always been very passionate about is gambling, with more than a few documented Las Vegas trips that were famous for being quite loose and off the chain. That is the good thing when you are multimillionaire film star!

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