CBD Gummies: Why Are These Edibles So Popular?

The CBD edible market is expected to grow 25% from 2020 to 2027 according to Data Bridge Market Research. One of the CBD products that stands out in this booming market is gummies. CBD edibles have gained popularity because they are fun, familiar, and mask the strong earthy taste of hemp. CBD gummies have these advantages as well, but what separates them is their great taste.

When we take CBD, no matter how it is administered, our bodies won’t absorb the entire dose. Taking a product with low bioavailability defeats the purpose of taking CBD. This is where lollipops prove to be superior among the rest of the edible CBD products available.

CBD gummies

CBD Edibles Are Not So Efficient

Eating our CBD is an inefficient delivery method because it has to pass through our digestive tract. Breaking down food takes time. 70-80% of the product’s potency is lost in the process, plus the effects could take hours to be experienced by the user.

CBD delivered in a carrier oil is considered sublingual. When the user allows the product to absorb under their tongue, the mucous membrane in their mouth absorbs the product and delivers the CBD to the bloodstream. Compared to edibles, this method is much more efficient.

Why Are CBD Gummies So Popular?

While lollipops are considered to be an edible, having candy in your mouth allows the CBD to be absorbed into the blood stream. Avoiding the stomach and creating a higher bioavailability means less wasted CBD.

As well as having a higher bioavailability than other edibles, gummies are a fun, discreet, tasty, and easy to consume CBD infused product. Many people aren’t a fan of earthy taste of CBD oil, lollipops mask the hemp with whatever flavor the user prefers.

Taking CBD oil can seem intimidating to new users. They may not be completely comfortable with using a cannabis product and don’t understand CBD’s legality. First time users also may not be used to supplementing their diet with oil from a tincture. Lollipops serve as a familiar, non-threatening, and discreet alternative to most sublingual products.

Why Sublingual and Buccal Administrations Make Sense

Sublingual administration is absorbed under the tongue and buccal is absorbed in the cheek. Both provide better bioavailability than CBD edibles. When a doctor prescribes sublingual or buccal medication the drug needs to get into the body quickly, the medication doesn’t absorb well in the stomach, or the effects are decreased by digestion.

Both administration methods make sense for CBD users. We want to feel the benefits as soon as possible. We also know that less CBD is absorbed through the digestive system as opposed to the bloodstream.

CBD Gummies: The Best of Both Worlds

CBD gummies and other infused hard candy offer the benefits of both edible and sublingual administration. The best CBD edibles are attractive because they taste great, are discreet, and can be infused into familiar foods. Products using sublingual and buccal administration have a higher bioavailability. Lollipops are a delicious way of incorporating the benefits from each delivery method.

When buying any CBD product, make sure you are buying from a company with potency tests done by a third-party lab. These tests in the form of COAs (certificate of analysis) should be on the company’s website. No matter the product or delivery method, if the product doesn’t have any CBD you won’t feel the results.

Once you’ve found a company you can trust, lollipops are a great way to experience the benefits of CBD. With the edible market set to skyrocket in the next few years, look for lollipops to lead the pack.

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