Why is it so Important to Use a Helmet When Riding a Bicycle?

Although they might look unattractive or uncomfortable, bicycle helmets are essential for protecting your head while riding a bike. Accidents can happen quickly, no matter how skilled you may be at riding a bicycle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 677 bicycle riders were killed and over 48,000 were injured in bike accidents in 2011. These statistics are even more alarming because 75% of all accidents resulted in injuries to the head. These statistics should convince you to use a helmet when riding your bike, even though it may not be the most fashionable thing to do. A bike helmet could literally save your life.

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Prevent A Fatal Accident

Road bike helmets are important for many reasons. But the most important reason is to protect your head and neck from serious injury. Head injuries are most likely to result in fatalities because of damage to the brain. Helmets reduce the chance of a fatal accident by preventing the acceleration of the brain/head upon impact. Your head is not taking the energy but the foam in the helmet. The impact energy could cause injury to your brain and head if the foam wasn’t present or the helmet wasn’t worn. You cannot just buy any helmet. A proper fit helmet is essential to protect your brain and head.

Increase Your Visibility

Even if the street isn’t busy, riding your bike on it can pose a danger. Drivers may not be able to see you if visibility is poor, even in broad daylight. You will be more visible if you have the right helmet. If you are looking for road cycling helmets to purchase, ensure that it has reflective strips on both the front and back. This will give drivers better chances of seeing you even if you ride only during the day. Brightly colored helmets are easier to see for drivers as they concentrate on the road.

Prevent A Concussion

Although we may laugh about concussions, those who have had one know that it is serious. Concussions can cause permanent disability or death. There are many types of concussions and each one has its own harmful effects. A mild concussion (grade 1) may leave you feeling tired and shaken, while a more serious concussion (3 or greater) can make you lose your consciousness, blurred vision, blurred vision, or cause memory problems. It is important to do everything you can to avoid another concussion. Concussions have a cumulative effect on your brain. Sometimes, concussions can cause permanent brain damage.

Bike Helmets: Mountain Bike Vs Road Bicycle

It’s not the actual look that is different. However, some helmets have features that are specific to mountain biking. You don’t have to wear a mountain bike helmet with a road helmet. It’s all about you, your sport and how safe it is.

Mountain Bike Helmets

The visor is what really sets apart the best mountain bikes helmets from road bike helmets. Every mountain bike helmet has one, regardless of whether it is a full-face shield or a shell. What is the importance of a visor? It offers additional protection for your skin.

The visor blocks the sun’s rays, which can cause blindness on single-track rides. The visor acts as a shield and prevents mud specks from entering your eyes on wet rides. On muddy days or for every ride, cyclists will wear protective glasses.

Mountain bike trails often take place in wooded areas or forests with many obstacles. The visor can protect you from falling branches. It is possible to take a branch from your visor and break it depending on how fast you ride, but it beats eating a kebab of an eyeball.

Mountain bike helmets look very different to road helmets due to the lower back. It’s not just for looks, some say it protects. Both are true. Mountain bikers face a lot more obstacles than other riders on trails so helmets can offer a lot of protection.

These helmets are also known as all-mountain helmets or enduro helmets. These helmets are used when riding trails with both ascents or descents. A full-face helmet is recommended for riders who ride mainly downhill. They protect your face and neck as well as your mouth. Downhill can mean higher speeds and more severe consequences for those who crash.

Use a Helmet When Riding a Bicycle

Road Biking Helmets

The road is next in the mountain bike helmets and road bike helmets categories. Road biking is hard work and sweaty. Proper ventilation is essential. Road helmets are more ventilated than mountain bike helmets. Aerodynamics is key to road cycling. This is why it’s important to consider the shape and position of these vents. Road helmets are usually rounder or more obtuse to enhance aerodynamic design.

Road cycling is done on roads. Most road cyclists will wear glasses. Visors are not necessary because they can narrow the cyclist’s vision. They are useful for gearing and preparing to climbs, descents, and corners but not necessary on the road. Mountain biking trails are narrower and more twisty so you can only see about 10 feet ahead. Depending on the route, road cycling can take you to see miles.

Last, but not least, is weight. Your neck will feel less fatigued if your helmet is lighter. Lighter helmets are good for both road and mountain cycling.

Electric Unicycle Helmets

We all know that a helmet is essential safety equipment when riding an electric unicycle also known as a motorized unicycle or any other kind of bicycle. There are many helmets available on the market, so we have to ask ourselves: Which helmet is best for electric unicycling?

Which Helmet Is Best For Electric Unicycling?

The TSG Pass is the current best full-face helmet available for electric unicycling. The TSG Pass is ASTM F1952 rated and EN1078 certified. It has also been designated by the International Downhill Federation the best longboard downhill helmet. This helmet is the best helmet currently on the market for safety standards certifications. It has a large field of vision and your badass factor will increase tenfold after you wear it.

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