Why Environmental Conservation Efforts are Controversial When They Shouldn’t Be

It’s frustrating to see that many people are against the idea of preserving the environment. Of all social issues and policies, it should be the least controversial. We only have one world to live in, and we must work together to ensure it’s in good shape. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page. It continues to be a controversial stance to defend the environment. Here are the possible reasons.

Environmental Conservation Efforts controversial

Environmental conservation requires effort

Everyone should make sacrifices to help save the environment. From trash segregation to recycling, we have chores to do. The results will only be visible if all of us do our share. Since lifestyle change is necessary, many people don’t feel comfortable doing it. The idea of copper recycling, for instance, might seem challenging for some. Instead of throwing used copper away, consider recycling them. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to get it done and would rather buy new material. Therefore, it’s easier to question environmental conservation efforts than do the right thing.

It affects some industries

The best way to prevent global warming is the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere. Shifting to natural energy sources is an excellent step. The problem is it means some industries might die. The truth is, they have to go if we want to move forward. Since it involves lots of money, it remains controversial. These industries are willing to hurt the environment if it means raking more money.

Some people don’t have the right information

The idea of protecting the environment is easy to grasp. We should preserve what we have if we want it to be habitable for the future generation. Sadly, not everyone receives correct information. It’s easy for fake news to spread. Additionally, coming up with various excuses to make environmental conservation look bad seems effortless. With the number of individuals vulnerable to fake news, the problem continues. So, apart from taking steps to save the environment, we must also do something to fight misinformation.

Results aren’t quick

Some people will believe in something if they see immediate results. This is not how environmental preservation works. It takes time to see changes happen. When we work together, things will speed up. Even then, it could take years. Reforestation is an effort that takes years or even decades to bear fruits. For instance, starting a compost pit won’t be easy at first. These challenges make people think environmental conservation is a futile effort. We should understand that if we want to make a better place, we have to be patient. It doesn’t matter how much time we have to spend; it would be worth it.

The media keeps attacking it

While fighting fake news is a significant challenge, it’s even worse to go against established media organizations. Some right-wing media groups keep fanning the flames of misinformation. They think of various ways to rile people up and make them hate environmental preservation efforts. Since they seem credible, it’s harder to disprove them and make everyone think the other way.

You can’t give up

It’s challenging to deal with skeptics. They will come up with reasons to hate environmental preservation efforts. Again, you can’t let them win the day. You understand the need to change the status quo, and these bumps on the road shouldn’t stop you.

Always speak the truth and engage with people who don’t want to believe in reality. Explain to them the facts and cite credible sources. If they have counter-arguments, try to listen. It’s easy to refute statements that have no solid foundation. You can also disprove their sources. There’s nothing wrong with engaging with them as long as you don’t take things personally. If you have to do it with the people you love, you must be more patient. They might be stubborn and tell you how wrong you are. Even so, you can’t give up. If you can’t convince the people you know to change their ways, you can’t do the same with others.

We don’t have plenty of time to reverse the reality, and everyone needs to contribute. If these skeptics try to dampen your efforts, you must fight back. They should also pull their shares to preserve what we have now.

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