Why Coliving Is The Best Choice For Students?

Before the start of the school year, perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions among students is this: living on or off campus? What kind of housing is best for students? You will find the answer in this article.

Each student can live according to their financial capabilities, preferences, and according to what suits them best.

However, the vast majority of students face the decision of whether to live directly on the school campus (if they get there, will there be enough space on the campus?) or outside the campus. Until a few years ago, it would have been a good idea to live directly on campus. Things are a little different now. Why?

Why Coliving Is The Best Choice For Students

Because Coliving Is On The Market!

In principle, this is shared housing. The rent is divided among all the inhabitants of the apartment or house, whereby each tenant pays a much smaller rent than he would in a normally rented apartment somewhere near the school. It is often much cheaper and better than living directly on campus.

Why Is Coliving Better?

There are many answers. Perhaps the most popular is that it is cheaper and provides varying options.

In addition, there are different rooms to make selections from. You can choose rooms that you will share with someone else or even rooms that you will have just to yourself – and even with a private bathroom, toilet, and dressing room. It all depends on your financial capabilities.

Another advantage and reason for students to choose Coliving is because regular cleaning is provided, and they have a lot of time and privacy to study. The campus is very busy and most of the students are disturbed by classmates or friends who want to do anything but not devote themselves to learning. It is really annoying for many people and this makes Coliving a great choice for them.

In addition, if you are lucky, you can live with someone who already works in the field you are studying, so you will be able to gain lots of additional knowledge that you would not otherwise acquire at school or on campus.



One of the great advantages of Coliving is, as we mentioned above, that it has varying options. This means that if you no longer like the apartment or house, you can go live in another house nearby. The contract you enter into is usually short-term, so you can only sign it for a short period of time and gradually extend or terminate it when it expires.

However, Coliving is ideal for students mainly because they move into an already fully furnished apartment with a fully furnished kitchen, a dining room, a common area with a flat-screen TV. In each Coliving there is of course high-speed internet, which is indispensable for students nowadays.

Another huge advantage of Coliving is safety. We all know that there are many different thefts on campuses and that the rooms are not very secure. Almost anyone can get into a student’s room and steal something important from the occupant. That won’t happen in Coliving. Why? Because all common areas are protected by security cameras and each apartment occupant has their own safe, which no one can access unless their password is 1234.

Coliving is more advantageous for students due to some other factors. Did you know, for example, that many students do not finish school precisely because they live on campus?

We do not want to denigrate the campus in any way, but the amount of interference and external negative influences is unbearable for many. In Coliving, everyone has their place, their job and certain rules apply. Of course, there is no police officer to check it out, but if someone often disturbs the night, disturbs others or behaves inappropriately, it is enough if the individual’s behavior is reported and his contract is terminated and he has to leave the apartment—move out.

Why Coliving Is The Best Choice For Students

It should also be noted that no one in Coliving is watching you and forcing you into anything. You have no convenience store, and nobody is superior to you, no person to respect. No one will check your room or ask about things that are not their business. If there are any rules in Coliving, then they are humane rules, used only for quality coexistence.

Coliving is more of a bunch of friends who supported each other in what they do. They do not interfere with each other. They do not treat each other badly, and in principle, everyone looks out for each other.

Plus, let’s be honest with each other. Students can’t just spend the whole day studying. They have to relax a bit and have a little time off for themselves, even outside the school or within the school campus. In this, Coliving is amazing, because most of the Coliving areas also offer a so-called chill-out zone, where you can watch TV in peace.

For example, play games on a PlayStation, watch a movie or just take a break from books. Some also offer their own gym and workout space. So if you don’t want to be constantly busy with books, you can relax as much as you want. In addition, if you go out, you will see life and not just students, it will in itself detach you from learning in a positive way.

Coliving spaces have a very positive atmosphere with a bunch of residents who share similar interests, and that means that you will be able to talk to someone very sensibly.

To sum it up, a student living in Coliving is more prepared for real-life than a student living on campus. He is not constantly surrounded by teachers and students, he is not just around the school environment, but the real-life he will have to face after school.

In other words, a student living in Coliving will be better prepared for everyday life. The independence that Coliving offers is priceless for a student, and many students realize what real life is all about thanks to living in Coliving.

The student does not have to submit, but can spread his wings more, and thus smell real life. Thanks to all this, the student should definitely choose Coliving when making university accommodation plans.

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