Why Advertising In Local Magazines Is Always Beneficial?

There is a perception that the Print medium is dead! But on the contrary, it is not so. Despite technology making it possible to read updates on the go, people still love to physically touch and hold the content they read. This is proven by the increase in printed magazines in countries like the US and UK where daily lives are tied to technology. Companies can use this interest in printed publications by utilizing  advertising columns in local magazines. Here’s how local magazine ads can help.

Advertising In Local Magazines
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A more Targeted Audience

Local magazines are found even in the remotest of places. Most of these are targeted to a specific population i.e. the locals, rather than a larger group. So advertising in these local niche magazines helps to target a dedicated market that is restricted to the customers in that area only. Also, a dedicated market focus helps in focusing right and these local magazines serve as a great place to capture their interest. Simply put, there is no better place to put your ads than here. When you place your ads in the right niche and in the right place, readers will be interested in what your business offers.

Motivates People to Buy

Magazines, especially those dedicated to a particular niche, provide a whole lot of information. The content can be creative ideas, that you can implement or the ones you get inspired from. These can instigate the readers to visit the business or look online regarding the products/services you offer which facilitates better conversions.

It is an Experience

Various electronic devices may have taken over our lives, but the experience of a magazine is something else! The touch and feel of reading a printed edition are different. It is a more tactile experience than reading on your iPhone or a smartphone. People are getting saturated with technology especially digital advertising which is in-your-face all the time. Customers may give a minute-by-minute update of their lives on social media but when it comes to reading online content, they have less attention span. On the other hand, with printed media, they act differently and they spend much longer reading the content.

Offers and Coupons

Another aspect that people like about magazines is freebies like coupons and offers. For example, if you are a local company in Boise, coupons Boise with offers attract customers to visit your store. So it is a win-win for both customers and businesses. That should be a great reason for companies to advertise in local magazines.

Advertising In Local Magazines

Lasts Longer

Online content is dynamic and you can get the latest updates about news and other content. But what if you are looking for something even a day older? Readers have to browse through a whole lot of stuff before finding what content they are looking for. When it comes to printed magazines, they are periodicals, fortnightly or monthly, and hence the information is there for a longer period of time. So your printed ads continue to work longer than online ads. Additionally, it gets noticed whenever someone picks up the issue. Many people also save the images/pages for further reference or inspiration or trade issues with friends. All this means that the content including the ads lasts longer and gives more value.

High Quality

Magazines irrespective of whether it is local, the images in them are of the best quality. That means when you place ads in them, the business you offer gets the best representation. Since the print publications are on the rise, placing ads on best sellers can improve your company’s revenue. 

Print Ads are Safer

The internet is full of malware and cybercriminals who want to get access to private information of individuals. Because of this, surfers are extremely wary of clicking on ads. Customers are scared to check them due to fear of malware, even if the ads look interesting. They may not click on it to learn more. When it comes to printed ads, there is no fear and hence your message is received better by customers.


Local magazine content is valued and trusted by readers. These come out from respected publications and hence considered a great source of information. Most people when in doubt about specific information turn to these to get credible data. So when ads are placed in these magazines it is viewed as a recommendation rather than a promotion. That can influence the readers’ purchase decisions and is also good for brand value.

Reputed print magazines are selling and placing ads, and have many benefits as seen above. With so many advantages, it is a no-brainer that print marketing is back in business and not just that, it works! So companies should start using this to their advantage and fast.

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