What You Should Know About No-Medical Life Insurance?

Usually, people sidestep medical life insurance due to the complicated qualifying process and strict guidelines associated with it. That’s the reason why people probably go for No-medical life insurance because it attracts their attention with its easy and hassle-free attributes. However, before determining policy terms in certain circumstances, it is good to know about it in detail.

no medical life insurance

There are certain people who usually do not get health insurance due to some critical health issues or due to some other reasons. For them, no-medical insurance offers beneficial terms suiting their particular cases or situations. They can expect benefits in the following ways:

The Process Of Getting A No Medical Life Insurance Is Quick And Easy

As the maximum numbers of health insurance require certain medical reports and papers to get qualified, this insurance comes with an accessible approach. Here, the person need not wait long for their medical results and get approval for the insurance. They can buy a policy instantly through a simple underwriting process. The related paper works are also very easy and uncomplicated.

No Tests Are Required

Some health insurance companies have certain conditions and rules related to human health in their policies and a person needs to fulfill them. There are also certain tests that a candidate has to pass. But, in the case of no-medical insurance, an applicant can go for the underwriting process without qualifying such tests.

Beneficial For Senior Citizens

Elderly persons require more health safety than younger ones. But, sadly, most of the health insurance companies either deny them underwriting a policy or offer very high rates. This is due to their old age, poor medical history, and other risks involved in their life. This insurance offers several useful choices even to those old people who are near the age of 65. They can also get extra coverage and perks for their spouses or dependents.



No Need To Visit Their Office

There are certain health insurance companies that have their principles and norms, and to know their different types of policies with specific terms, a person needs to book an appointment with their agents and ought to meet them personally. People frequently visit their office multiple times to go through the process and get qualified.

But, in a no-medical insurance case, there is nothing like this. Most of the insurers offer their services online with easy terms and conditions. You can learn about guaranteed life insurance with Shelter Bay Financial if this sort of policy is at the top of your list. It’s for sure, after learning about no-medical life insurance you will better understand its importance.

Coverage Of Critical Health Issues

This insurance is also beneficial for persons who are suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, or other critical health diseases. Individuals who have some pre-existing health issues or suffering from chronic ailments such as diabetes, illness, heart problems, etc. can also get benefits from this.  They may also benefit from final expense insurance.

Alcohol And Drugs Issues

Most of the time, the insurers deny underwriting a policy for a person who has some alcohol or drug abuse history. This insurance again proves beneficial for such persons as there are many choices available for them to get qualified. For example, policy seekers can buy coverage up to $50,000 if they have not faced any alcohol issue from the past one year. The coverage amount increases in case no such issue occurs from the past three years.

There are different prices offered by insurers in different medical cases. Only after acknowledging their conditions and financial circumstances, you should choose one that best suits you

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