What You Need to Know About Slips and Fall Cases

Over the last 20 years we have seen so much more being done in terms of accountability being take by those who cause slips and falls. Washington DC slip and fall lawyers for example have seen a huge rise in cases when it comes to injuries sustained from these incidents. Sadly there are thousands of slips and falls each and every year, with most of which being easily avoidable. Additionally many of these result in personal injuries. There are some myths surrounding these kinds of events however, and this is what you need to know about slips and falls.

Not Every Slip and Fall as a Fault

Whilst in most cases there is a guilty party which has created a situation which results in the slip or fall, not all incidents can be blamed on someone else. There are very obvious cases of course; such as a floor being cleaned and no wet floor sign being placed. In other cases however, there is no real responsibility to be found. For example if you are walking to work early in the morning and slip on the sidewalk because of ice after a cold evening, this is not really anyone’s fault. Local councils and governments will always try to make getting around in cold weather as safe as possible, but they cannot be blamed for ‘acts of God’.

Calculation of Damages

Damages are often calculated based on the area of the body which has been injured and on the the severity of the injury. On top of this the court will take into consideration any mental or emotional anguish which has been caused by the injury. And finally damages will also be calculated based on the impact which those injuries have had on the life of the victim. For example there may be responsibilities which they have that they can no longer attend to, or they may have even lost days of work because of the injuries which they have sustained.


Contrary to what many believe you don’t actually have to seek the support of a legal team in order to bring about a case following this kind of incident. In fact it is estimated by the American Bar Association that 3 out of every 5 cases has the victim representing themselves. With this being said however, we have seen that time and time again it is far better for victims to use legal teams. This has historically brought a higher win percentage and a larger amount of damages.


It is important that those responsible for events like this are brought to account. This is not about making money but about making sure that these kind of incidents do not continue to happen in businesses and workplaces. The financial aspect is to cover your costs and to bring about some sense of justice. This is why it is important that you speak out should something like this happen.

If you have had an incident like this then always ensure that you seek legal support as soon as you are able to.

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