What To Stock In Your Smoke Shop

Smoke shops and holistic therapy shops often stock a range of different options for their customers, from papers and filters if you smoke to edible THC and CBD oils. Most smoke shops and shops selling smoking supplies will usually also stock different types of vape. Being able to offer a range of products and brands to your customers will help you solidify a good customer base for your new shop.

In this article, I will discuss different items you could stock and how this may benefit your customers and help you build a customer base who trusts you to sell the best available legal products.

what to stock in


Gummies often are a safe option for people who, for whatever reason, do not want to smoke. Some people just prefer the effect of edibles over smoking, saying that the effects of the THC last longer and are less intense than smoking.

When looking at different brands of gummies, I would advise you to buy wholesale delta 8 gummies for your shop. Delta 8 gummies come in a selection of 3 different potencies, giving your customers the chance to decide how potent they want their gummies. They also come in a range of flavors. Each tub of delta 8 gummies contains 10 gummies and is both vegan and organic.

You can find these gummies, as well as other gummies, at MrHempflower.com, which specializes in selling wholesale to stores like yours.


You may want to stock THC hemp flowers in your store, and this would give the customers who choose to smoke a chance to buy the flower direct from you. Giving your customers a safe form of hemp to smoke. This is a legal alternative to smoking while still giving you all of the effects someone may want from smoking hemp.

You can buy this wholesale again from Mrhempflower.com but also from other reputable shops online. It is always worth it when buying from an online wholesale retailer you check how they source their items and ensure they will not ship or sell to places in the US where it is illegal.


Many people prefer to use CBD oils and vapes to get a calming effect without the effect of feeling high. People use CBD for many reasons, and it is sold in a lot of different shops and locations now. It would be a good idea to stock some different CBD items, such as patches, oil, and gummies, to give your customers a good variety of options when they choose to use CBD.

Many people will use CBD to help with sleep issues, anxiety, or pain, not all products sold are sold to the standard that some medical CBD would be, and you should not try to sell this product to diagnose or treat illness. However, stocking it for those who choose to use it for their own reasons and have a place to buy a safe, reliable product would benefit your store.


Opening a smoke shop to sell reliable products will help you build a good customer base who will return. Using wholesale sites to purchase those products will give you peace of mind that the product is safe. Always check it is legal in your state.

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