What Steps to Take After a DUI Arrest?

A DUI charge may happen at the most unexpected times, and you can bear some severe consequences for it. You may face heavy fines, jail time, increased insurance charges, suspension of license, etc.

When you face such an unfortunate situation, do not panic. A few steps can help you ease the pressure, for example hiring a criminal law specialist such as Phoenix Drug Defense Attorney. Read on to know more.

DUI charge arrest

Get Legal Help

First, get in touch with a reliable Ventura DUI lawyer to determine your next steps. It would help if you had a specialized attorney because DUI laws are complex and demand a thorough understanding. According to the skilled attorneys at https://www.patrickmclainlaw.com/dui/  DUI lawyer uses his knowledge and experience to analyze the situation and prepare for your defense. A DUI lawyer uses his knowledge and experience to analyze the situation and prepare for your defense. With the help of a Ventura DUI lawyer, you will be able to reduce court fines, limit probation, and protect your license from suspension.

Make a Note of the Details

Recall all details about the day of the incident. Write down important information and list the places you visited before being charged. Make a note of all the items you ate and drank. If you have receipts of the same, file them carefully. You can also obtain the credit card record to accomplish your whereabouts of the day.

Such records can go a long way in helping you with your defense. The goal is to establish that the recorded blood alcohol level was incorrect, and there may have been a problem with the breath analyzer you used. You may also consider eyewitnesses who can testify for you.

Consider Other Possibilities

Specific incidents from the day may have caused an incorrect report with the breath analyzer. For instance, you may have come in contact previously in the day with some form of chemicals or varnishes that can tamper with test results. In some cases, severe acid reflux can cause alcohol vapors, and the breath analyzer may have picked up these molecules. So, you see, there can be many reasons. The chances are low but do not rule out such possibilities too.

Arrange for the DMV Hearing

Sometimes your arresting officer may take your driver’s license. You may request a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) hearing to avoid suspension of your license. A temporary permit may be issued until your hearing. You may seek the assistance of your Ventura DUI lawyer to request a hearing to determine the status of your driver’s license.

Talk To Your Insurance Company

Insurance rates can go up significantly after you have been charged with a DUI case. Talk to your insurance company to avoid suspension of your insurance. Discuss the new rates and learn about SR-22 auto insurance too.

Consider Different Options

Your lawyer analyzes your case in-depth and lists down the most practical solutions. You may take the case to trial or negotiate with the prosecutor outside the trial. The lawyer will recommend the best option based on the case details. With the help of your lawyer, you may decide your next course of action.

Know Your Rights

DUI charges can make you feel helpless. Remember, most cases are prosecuted as misdemeanors. Understand your rights and get relevant information from a friend, family member or a DUI attorney.

Thus, keep calm and discuss your case with a suitable lawyer.

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