What not to do when playing slots

Are you new to gambling and are interested in playing slots but aren’t too sure of the rules behind it? Have you been playing slots for a while now and just can’t seem to win as often as you’d like?

One of the most exciting games you can play at the casino, be it a physical casino or an online casino, is the slots. Slots are a mindless game that you can play without any kind of experience or skill making it great for those just getting into gambling. However, many people tend to make quite a few mistakes when playing slots and this ultimately leads to money being lost, and some people even chase these losses, losing even more money.

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If you are new to online casinos and want to play slots and not always be losing, here are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Don’t play any game

When it comes to playing slots as a newcomer, you may be tempted to just play the slots that have the biggest jackpot prize or the plashiest colours and looks. Before you start playing any slots you need to know that you shouldn’t just be playing any game you come across. Some slots have much better odds than others and you should be looking for these games. A good solution would be to search for online casinos that have a wide selection of slot games and by visiting Casino Reviews, which is a website that lists the best ones on the New Zealand market, you will find a casino like Captain Spins NZ with one of the biggest selections in this category. The right slot game could be just a few clicks away. If you are interested in the odds of the various different games,  it depends on the different RTP or return to player percentages. This percentage is the percentage of money that is returned to players over a period of time. This could be a day, a week, or even a month. Typically, games with lower RTP will have better odds of winning, although this doesn’t mean that even though you will win more frequently, you will only be winning very small amounts.

Avoid jackpot slots

Unless you are planning on losing all of your money in one go with only the very smallest chance of winning anything, you should avoid jackpot slots at all cost. These jackpot slots can be very tempting to play, with the prize constantly growing from day to day as people continue to lose, however, they are incredibly difficult to win, because hardly anyone ever gets the chance too.

The prize money is completely built off of the bets of people who have lost, and this means that many people lose before someone wins. The odds of winning this game are incredibly low, and if you are looking to win, this is definitely not the game for you.

Not using bonuses

One of the most effective and innovative things to come from online casinos is their use of bonuses to try to attract new players and retain, or even reward current players. A big mistake beginners tend to make when they first start out, is not making use of the bonuses that are offered to them.

The most common bonus that every online casino will offer is the welcome bonus. Usually these come in the form of free money to bet on games of your choice, free spins on the slots, free rounds at the table games, or just a combination of all of these. If you are looking to get going with slots, you should be looking for bonuses that offer free spins. This is a great way to find the slots you enjoy.

Don’t believe in myths

When it comes to any games at the casino, many people tend to believe a lot of the myths that are spread around but sometimes this can leave people disappointed. One of the most common myths about the slot games is that if you play enough, you will eventually win or get paid out at some point. This is just not true.

Online casinos make use of random number generators which are algorithms that completely randomise the outcome of the slot games. This means that there is no influence from previous spins on the outcome of your current spin and you can never know when you will win, nor can you expect to win at any point.

Don’t use strategy

Many people like to sell you on the fact that there are actually strategies that you can follow in order to beat the slots. This will never win. As mentioned earlier, online casinos make use of random number generators for their slots making it completely impossible to use any kind of strategy to win. The only way you will win is by luck or chance.

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