What Is the Best Bet Size for Online Slots?

If you are a first-time slots player, or even if you have played slots for a while now, you may be wondering what the most optimal bet size is for playing this casino game. You can play casino slots with any bet size that you’d like as long as it is within the required range of the virtual slots machine. Let’s evaluate the basics of bet size for slot machines and factors to consider when trying to customize your bet size while playing slots.lucky w

best bet size for online slots

The Basics Of Bet Size

Bet size refers to how much money you are willing to wager for each slot spin. You can choose to keep manually pulling the virtual lever to do spin by spin so you can adjust your bet size accordingly. Alternatively, you can have the auto spin feature on where, for example, your bet size is $50 for the duration of the next 20 spins.

While a small bet size means that you won’t lose out on a lot of money if you lose a spin on online slots, it also means that you won’t have as big of a chance in obtaining good payouts if you do happen to land a win. Placing the maximum bet possible for progressive jackpot slots can mean a better payout for traditional slots and an even better pay structure for progressive jackpot slots if you are the lucky winner.

Factors To Consider for Bet Size

When determining the best bet size for a slot machine, it’s best to determine the variables involved in various factors of the specific machine you are analyzing. First, determine if it’s a traditional online slots machine or a progressive jackpot slots event.

Bankroll Budget

Consider your bankroll budget when playing online slots. If your bankroll is under $1,000, it might be advisable to do $10 to $50 bets to have more spin chances. If your bankroll is about $1,000 to $3,000, you could get away with a $100 bet or higher, depending on your personal level of risk tolerance.

Bettor’s Risk Tolerance

If you desire a lower risk tolerance, you may be more comfortable making lower bets so that gameplay can be longer and you won’t lose as much money with lost spins. Maybe you don’t mind a higher risk tolerance whereas you can bet higher per spin and don’t mind if the gameplay goes quickly if it means the chance of possibly obtaining a higher payout if there’s a win.

Slot Machine Variance

Higher variance slot machines may offer bigger payouts than their lower variance cousins, but the wins will not happen as often for these machines. Evaluate the Return to Player (RTP) rate as this is a good indicator of the volatility of the slot machine, which can help you to adjust your bet size accordingly. Slots machines with a higher RTP are more likely to pay out in higher frequencies in contrast to a machine with a lower RTP.

You may not mind making bigger bets on a higher RTP machine because of how much of your money you will receive back as a base payout structure. It would be even better if you obtain any bonuses that could help you profit. However, remember that not every spin guarantees hitting a win.

So What’s the Best Bet Size?

There is no true best bet size for slots as there are many variables that could make one bet size better than another. Determining the best bet size is based on a bettor’s personal strategy after taking into consideration all of the factors explained above. As you play slots more often, you will get into a groove of which slot machines require higher bet sizes and which ones you are comfortable with lower bet sizes.