Want to Advertise in Ohio? Here Are the 5 Best Places to Do So

When it comes to advertising, people don’t really think about the Midwest too much; it’s usually the bigger cities like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles that get the attention. However, the Midwest is one area you’ll need to tap into when expanding to different markets.

There are some great areas out there, but one that can help your expansion in Ohio. Its capital city, Columbus, is the main attraction. But there are other places in Ohio that you can advertise in, and we’ll provide more information about them.

Advertise in Ohio

1. Columbus

Columbus’s vast history dates back to the 1800s, and people love this city. Since it’s a metropolitan area, there are plenty of cultural and sports attractions for residents and visitors. That also makes it a great place to advertise your business.

Columbus billboards will definitely improve your company’s visibility among potential customers. The area is hustling and bustling with various individuals, so there will be many eyes on your business. Furthermore, even if your business isn’t located there, Columbus billboards will give you exposure, so people will come and look for your business in other parts of Ohio.

If you’re thinking about Columbus billboards for your company, some of the best places to include:

    • The Ohio State University: One of the most well-known colleges in Ohio. It has a large student population and sports culture, making it the ideal location to market your company.


    • John Glenn Columbus International Airport: Thousands of travelers come through this airport daily. With a billboard in this area, you’ll have exposure to people from various backgrounds.

2. Cleveland

Columbus billboards are an excellent marketing tool. But to further increase your visibility in Ohio, you’ll need to make your mark in its second biggest city, Cleveland. People don’t really attribute much to Cleveland except LeBron James.

However, this city is home to the Rock and Roll Hame, which is a considerable tourist attraction. Cleveland also has various professional sports teams like the Cleveland Guardians (MLB), Cleveland Browns (NFL), and the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA). So while people are in town catching a game, they could also see one of your business advertisements.

3. Cinncinati

Cincinnati is another city you can advertise your business in since it’s the third largest city in Ohio. It’s also known as “Queen City” because of its historical landmarks. Furthermore, it’s home to a few fortune 500 companies, making it a business hub.

Business owners should jump at the opportunity to advertise their business in this city. You’ll have plenty of customers available to you. But you’ll also be able to network with other business owners and investors that can help take your business to the next level.

4. Akron

Akron is known as “The Rubber City” because it’s home to tire companies like Goodyear, Firestone, and General Tire. So if your business revolves around cars, it’s an ideal place to advertise your services. Customers will appreciate the ease with which they can access car services.

However, what makes Akron different from other cities in Ohio is its demographics. There is more representation from different cultures there than in any other city. Any business owner knows that to increase their profit margin, they’ll need to appeal to people of all backgrounds. Akron is a city where they can do just that.

5. Dayton

Dayton is known as the “Birthplace of Aviation” because this is where the Wright Brothers were born (they were the inventors of the first airplane). One thing you know about society today is how much people love air travel. Depending on your business, you can try to tie in your services with this market. Or you can adjust your business model to appeal to residents in this area.

On top of that, Dayton is also a college town featuring the University of Dayton. You’ll be able to market your services to college students, professors, and visitors. With multiple demographics viewing your advertisements, it’ll be easier to land potential customers.

Here Are the Best Places to Advertise in Ohio

Ohio is a place with many business opportunities. You can use the capital city and install Columbus billboards to get the most eyes on your business. There’s also the sports hub Cleveland, which will have visitors from different states and countries who could be intrigued by what you offer.

Cincinnati and Akron are ideal spots where business owners can utilize networking opportunities. See where your business can thrive the most and start advertising there to increase your exposure.

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