Top Tips To Prepare Your Child For Preschool

Your child’s first day at Kindergarten and especially at preschool is a big event. For many parents, this is often the first time they will leave their child. That is stressful as you debate whether you have made the right decision. It can be even worse for your child, they are being sent to somewhere they don’t know and they won’t have any of the people they know or love next to them.

first day at preschool

It’s easy to see why your child needs help preparing. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make it easier on them.

Take Them When Visiting

When you’re visiting preschools and trying to decide the right one, many parents go by themselves. This allows them to ask the questions they want answers to. But, preschools such as this child care in Liverpool, encourage parents to bring their children. You’ll learn a lot from how a child reacts and it can help you choose the right school.

Arrange A Visit

Before your child officially starts preschool you should arrange another visit. This is after the search to find the right preschool.

You can stay with your child while they visit or, if they appear comfortable, you can disappear for a while. You don’t have to leave the premises, simply go into a different room.

Because your child will know what to expect they will find the first day much easier.

Talk To Them

Knowing what to expect helps. But, that doesn’t mean that your child is fully ready. It’s important to talk to them before their first day. You’ll want to explain the preschool process and you can make sure your child knows it’s okay to ask questions.

Give them plenty of opportunities to ask questions and answer them all honestly. It’s better that your child knows the truth about preschool than arriving with misconceptions.

If it helps you can role-play any concerns they have over pre-school.


It can help your child to know that you have done this yourself, even if it was a few years ago. Share with them what it was like on your first day at preschool and mention at least one good thing that came out of it.

Your child will instantly feel more confident about their first day. After all, they will want to make you proud.

Do A Half Day

It can help, if the preschool allows it, to take your child in for half a day. This will give them a chance to experience preschool, meet the teachers, and even make some friends. But, as it is only half a day it will be less scary for your child and easier for them to handle.

Drop And Go

Long and perhaps tearful goodbyes will not help you or your child. Go through your routine with your child before the first day. Then, when you drop them off, they will know what to expect. You can keep the process simple and make it easier for everyone.

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