Top 8 Private Jet Airports In Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas, where everything is bigger and better! From the dazzling lights of the casinos to the world-class shows, exceptional dining options, and stunning views, this vibrant city has no shortage of unique experiences. But when you want to avoid dealing with traffic or delays that come with scheduled flights at local airports such as McCarran International Airport (LAS) – what then? Say hello to private jet rentals Las Vegas – a much faster and more efficient way for travelers looking for convenience. Here are our top 8 picks for private jet airports around Las Vegas – each offering its own advantages so you can choose one that best suits your needs. So, sit back and get ready to whisk away into the sky on a luxurious yet affordable vacation you won’t soon forget!

Private Jet Airports In Las Vegas

1 McCarran International Airport (LAS)

The leading international airport in Paradise, Nevada, is McCarran International Airport, which is situated 5 miles away from downtown Las Vegas. It is the primary airport used by the government for public use in the area and is equipped to serve charter jets in Las Vegas. Private jet passengers at LAS have access to two remote FBO terminals located on the opposite side of the commercial terminal. These terminals have various amenities, including stores, restaurants, and several checkpoints. This airport is spread across 2,800 acres and boasts four runways over 2,740 meters in length.

2 Henderson Executive Airport (HND)

Private Jet Airports In Las Vegas

Henderson Executive Airport is a public state airport in Clark County, Nevada, located 13 miles from Las Vegas. It spans 760 acres and is frequently used as an alternative to Las Vegas for business jets. The airport has two runways over 1,524 meters long, making them suitable for large aircraft. The terminal offers car rentals, flight school, line services, and a restaurant called Landings. Additionally, the airport has a full-service FBO station that provides baggage handling, after-hours security, competitive fuel prices, NATA Safety First line service, and other services.

3 Boulder City Municipal Airport (BLD)

Boulder City Municipal Airport is located in Clark County, just a mile from Boulder City, Nevada. It is the third busiest airport in the state and is situated southeast of Las Vegas. The airport is conveniently located, just 5 minutes away from numerous hotels, motels, restaurants, outdoor recreation areas, and parks. It spans 530 acres and has two runways over 1,555 meters long, making it an ideal location for takeoffs and landings in Las Vegas. There are two fixed base operators (FBOs) at Boulder City Municipal Airport that offer competitive rates for fuel and pilots for private jet flights to Las Vegas. Additionally, parking, car rentals, and other related services are available.

4 North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

Private Jet Airports In Las Vegas

If you’re looking to charter a light jet to Las Vegas, you should know that North Las Vegas Airport is the second busiest public airport in the area. It’s located just 3 miles away from downtown Las Vegas and covers 920 acres. With three runways over 1,281 meters long, it offers the most convenient arrivals for charter flights. The North Las Vegas Airport FBO provides luggage assistance, ground catering, and services from aircraft repair stations located on the airport grounds as part of their comprehensive range of services

5 Jean Airport (Øl7)

Jean Airport is a public airport just a mile from Jean City in Clark County, Nevada. It spans over 232 acres and features two 1,128-meter runways. Just 31 miles from the center of Las Vegas, the airport caters mainly to sports aviation, including gliding and skydiving, but is also appropriate for private flights to Las Vegas. Restrooms, public telephones, parking, and fuel services are available to visitors at the terminal. Additionally, the FBO station at Jean Airport offers aircraft parking, restrooms, and jet fuel.

6 San Miguel Ranch Airport (NM53)

If you want to fly privately to Las Vegas, you can use San Miguel Ranch Airport (NM53), which is 60 miles away from Las Vegas. However, since it is privately owned, you must arrange for a charter jet to take you there. The runway at NM53 airport is 1,707 meters long, making it suitable for various aircraft sizes, from light jets to large luxury jets.

7 Sky Ranch Airport (3l2)

private Sky Ranch

Four miles from Sandy Valley in the U.S. state of Nevada is the private Sky Ranch Airport (3L2). It is located 35 miles from Las Vegas and next to modern hotels, making it easy to get around after landing on a charter flight to Las Vegas. 3L2 has a single, paved runway that measures 1,006 meters in length and can accommodate private jet charters of various sizes.

8 Echo Bay Airport (K0l9)

Echo Bay Airport (K0L9) is situated close to Echo Bay within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Clark County, Nevada. The airport covers an area of 11 acres but does not currently have a Fixed Base Operator. Its lone runway is approximately 1,036 meters long and is mainly used for general aviation transit flights. However, you may take a private jet to Las Vegas via Echo Bay Airport. It is advisable to book a high-performance turboprop or light aircraft if you wish to travel in comfort.


Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the world for private jet travel, and with so many airports to choose from around the city, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. We hope this list of our top 8 picks for private jet airports around Las Vegas has helped you decide. From the hustle and bustle of McCarran International Airport to the private plane convenience of Echo Bay Airport, there is sure to be an airport that meets your travel needs. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime with a private jet charter in Las Vegas! Happy flying!

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