Top 6 Reasons to Choose React for Frontend Development

Which is the best frontend development library or framework? 

If you’re somehow connected to the development world, the chances are high you stumbled upon this question a couple of times. Maybe you had to hire a react native developer but were not sure that React was what your frontend development lacked. 

Or maybe you yourself wanted to master the frontend development but did not know where to start. 

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Whatever it is, in this article, we’ll discuss the: 

Top 6 reasons to choose React for frontend development 

    • You can learn it easily

One of the reasons so many people choose React over other frontend development libraries and frameworks is its ease. Most of the developers can grasp it pretty quickly, and it takes only a few months to learn it entirely. 

This also means that React allows you to step into the building process quicker. So, after a very short time, you already start developing and working on your first React projects. 

The best part is that you don’t need anyone to start. There are hundreds of beginner-friendly tutorials out there that have everything you need about React. All it takes is an Internet connection, and you get access to endless how-to guides and Youtube videos that will become your personal React tutor.

    • You can build rich user interfaces

Building quality user interfaces with React is pretty straightforward. And you know how important a good interface is for any application. With a poorly designed UI, you’re more likely to lose your users. And that’s the last thing you or your client wants. 

On the other hand, a cool and high-quality UI implies that the app is good, making more and more users excited about it. Although there are other technologies that allow you to build a good interface, none of them are as simple as React. 

    • You know for sure it is popular

Why? Because a lot of big companies included React in their workflow. It’s not a random library that only a couple of startups use for sure! Big fishes like Facebook, CodeAcademy, Netflix, Airbnb, Paypal, Tesla Motors, and many others use React for their app development. 

So if your favorite streaming platform uses React, you can be sure it is something you can trust too. 

    • You know you’re following the trend

Talking about popularity: not only is React used by many big companies, but everyone pretty much uses it. Today, React is the thing! 

It is really everywhere now, so you’re following the global trend if you integrate React into your development. The best news is that this interest in React grows yearly, and it is promised to become even more prevalent in the future. 

More and more developers fall in love with React every day, more companies start to use it, and the community becomes larger and larger. 

This brings us to the next point: 

    • You’ll have strong support from the React community 

There are so many React developers online and offline, or simply React enthusiasts, that you can sleep tight at night, knowing that all your React questions will be answered. 

React has strong community support as it is an open-source library, meaning that developers from the different corners of the world come to help each other. So, if you’re starting to learn the new technology, no matter what issues arise, you will get the solutions pretty quickly, as there is always someone ready to help you out. 

The library has a big community on GitHub, hundreds of YouTubers who make tutorials on it, and bloggers that provide in-depth, how-to articles. So a simple Google search of your question will already bring up more than you need to solve your React problem. 

    • You’ll develop faster

Finally, React is like a synonym for fast development. With it, you can increase your productivity, as it has a bunch of reusable components and development tools that make the writing of your code way faster. 

If you’re a developer, this means that you can handle more tasks because you will spend less time on each. It also means that you can earn more money! 

If you’re a company or startup owner, this means that your developers will get your projects done quicker, which will ensure your company’s fast growth. 

So here were the six reasons why you should consider React as your Front-end development tool. Let us know what you think! 

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