Tips To Disguise Your Advantage When Gambling In A Casino Table

If you think there is no way to get any kind of advantage over a casino table game, think again. It is possible, it’s just that the casinos don’t like it because it means they are more likely to lose money. So if you are going to work any kind of advantage, you need to disguise that advantage as much as possible, enabling you to have a better chance of winning and for the casino not to notice what you are up to. Here are some of the ways to do it at SlotsBaby.

Disguise Your Advantage When Gambling In A Casino Table

Casing A Casino

It’s really important that, if you want to have any kind of advantage in a casino, you case it first before choosing the table you want to play at. This essentially means walking around, seeing what is happening, who is playing, what the table limits are, what wagers other players are making, and so on.

There are people walking around casinos all the time, so that in itself is not going to see suspicious. The only give away for what you are doing (which isn’t illegal, by the way – of course you can have a look at what’s happening without actually playing) is you. If you look ‘shifty’ or uncomfortable, you might gain the attention of security and then you’ll feel even more worried.

Choosing A Pit Boss

Although most casino pit bosses aren’t bothered about whether or not you win (it’s not their money, after all), they can become concerned for their jobs. People win and lose all the time, but those with an advantage who win more than others, could cause problems. They might even cause the pit boss or dealer to lose their jobs if they are thought to be bad at what they do, or even helping the player to win. Once that happens, it will be hard for them to get a job in another casino.

What you want to look out for is a more inexperienced dealer working at a busy table. They won’t notice if you’re counting cards or if you’ve spent a lot of time scoping things out. Watch how they work and you’ll soon determine who knows what they’re doing (remember, it’s not just about age; older dealers may not have the experience they seem to have once you begin watching).

Disguise Your Advantage When Gambling In A Casino Table

Buying In

When you buy in, you have a chance to give people the impression that you’re just any other gambler, rather than someone who has taken the time to study and understands what they are doing.

Be careful with how much you decide to wager. Too little and you won’t make any profit, too much and you might start to raise suspicions. You’ll need to find the right balance in the middle, or, if you do decide to go ahead with larger bets, you’ll need to lose on occasion just to make things look more realistic.

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