Three Ways the Internet Has Made Our Lives Easier

If there’s one thing that’s dramatically changed our lives over the past few decades, it’s the internet. Whether it’s transforming the way we live and work, socialize or entertain ourselves, the internet has closely infiltrated our daily lives in a very significant way.

It’s hard to imagine life without the likes of Google, Facebook, and YouTube. We’re in the digital age and there’s no denying the widespread influence of the internet in recent years, for both the good and the bad. However, let’s focus on the positives as we look at ways the internet has made our lives easier.

Ways the Internet Has Made Our Lives Easier

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Learning Becomes Easier

Whether it’s signing up for an online masterclass, taking online lessons at Harvard, or even doing a deep dive on Wikipedia, the internet has opened up a whole new world of learning. Masterclass platforms invite individuals to learn from some of the biggest names in the world, including the likes of author Dan Brown, chef Gordon Ramsey, and fashion mogul Anna Wintour, among others.

Even more impressively, people are showing off their business acumen using the skills they have learned online to start and grow their own businesses. Gone are the days when life was all work and no play. Modern professionals are forgoing the standard nine-to-five regime and working for themselves, on their own terms. These options simply didn’t exist (at least to this degree) in the past as freedom and knowledge become crucial to ongoing happiness and success.

Ways the Internet Has Made Our Lives Easier

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Staying Connected

Humans are social creatures, yet before the internet, face-to-face communication, landline telephones, letters, and postcards were our only real options. These days, the possibilities are endless. You can catch up with friends and family members across the world, reconnect with old school friends on social media platforms, or host workshops, events, and panel discussions using an array of communication tools.

Video calling services like Zoom and Facetime have changed the game, allowing instant access anytime, anywhere. Social networking sites let you connect with old friends, new friends, and even celebrities while dating apps like Tinder and Bumble as opened a new world for singles looking for love. While many argue that meaningful connections and face time are key to lasting relationships, few can argue that these communication and social tools have certainly made life, and love, a lot easier.

Online betting becomes more accessible

Video platforms, gaming websites, and video streaming sites have all proven incredibly popular for people wanting to enjoy some entertainment and relaxation from the comfort of their own homes. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo continue to garner views, while Netflix introduced a new way to enjoy on-demand content.

The gambling industry has certainly adapted well to the online landscape. Online betting enables users to make real-time bets from the comfort of their own homes or while on the move from their mobile devices. Gambling and betting sites allow punters to enjoy a slice of the action at all times, placing bets on their favorite casino game, or sports event.

For example, the recent US Open attracted millions of spectators at home, while punters enjoyed the best tennis betting odds and markets from their computers or smartphones. So convenient is the concept of online betting, that bettors have even started early predictions for tennis tournaments taking place in 2022. Next year’s US Open odds for outright wins sees Novac Djokovic leading the pack at +125, followed by Daniil Medvedev at +300 and Rafael Nadal at +800. Roger Federer trails at +1600 and Andy Murray is also not looking too positive at +4000.

Ways the Internet Has Made Our Lives Easier

Source: Unsplash

The Bottom Line

While the internet certainly has its shortcomings, it’s now an important part of our lives, making things easier and more convenient. It has improved the quality of life in many ways, keeping us connected, engaged, and entertained. Whether you’re a big fan or a cautious user, the internet is one of the most life-changing innovations in recent memory and will continue to be a major factor in our lives, home, relationships, and work.

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