The Best Neighborhoods To Buy Property In Ocean City, NJ

Living on the beach is not only financially rewarded but also offers an exhilarating life experience. On the east coast- New Jersey lies one of the most popular destinations for beach rentals in the country. Yes, you guessed it right – Ocean City has been ranked number 1 on the east coast.

Besides, Ocean City is often referred to as “America’s Greatest Family Resort.”

 property in Ocean City NJ

It is noteworthy that Ocean City has some of the most expensive properties in New Jersey. But, it also has some great lifestyle features to offer to its population.

So, if you are also planning to buy a property here, you better put your beach slippers on because we will tell you the best neighborhoods in the city to purchase a property.

1 The Garden

Starting at the northernmost front of the island, the Garden area extends from Longport bridge to the North City.

This is indeed where the cream of the island city lives.

The neighborhood has single-family residences mostly, with well-treed lots.

However, if buying a property in this area, be prepared to pay a little extra than the city average. After all, the neighborhood offers the most serene experience in the quietest environments possible.

2 GoldCoast

The second on the list is the Goldcoast area, and it is named so for a reason.

Extending from 18th Street to 29th Street and Wesley Avenue, the neighborhood stretches along the coastline.

With stately designed beachside residences and a few condos, the neighborhood is undoubtedly a place to live.

If the Ocean City, NJ real estate experts are to be believed, Goldcoast is indeed the best neighborhood for investors looking for vacation properties or rentals.

And not to mention, the residencies here offer spectacular views from Atlantic City to Strathmere.

3 Central District

Running along the width, Central District is perhaps the largest neighborhood. And also the most bustling of all the areas.

Steaming with affordable residencies and an approachable market, Central District is perfect for small families.

If you are looking for a city-like vibe, then Central District is the perfect place to buy property for you.

Besides, the houses are comparatively inexpensive in the Central District.

4 Bay Area

On the west side of the island city lies Bay Area, following from North Street to 16th Street.

The neighborhood is trendy amongst water-sport enthusiasts.

So, if you have a knack for jet skiing, sailing, surfing, or boating, this is the best place you can find.

And did we mention, the neighborhood also features a newly opened up water park?

5 North End

Last but not least, running from North Street to 6th Street lies the North End of Ocean City. Technically, it is to the south of the Garden.

Nonetheless, the North End has an eclectic blend of single-family homes, duplexes, and triplexes.

Besides, the neighborhood also features the Historic District, designated by Ocean City’s Historic Preservation Commission.

The district is known for its classic Ocean City look and architecture.

Also, the neighborhood has the tallest structure on the island, the 14-story Garden Plaza.

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