Singapore’s Maxi Cab: The Best Choice for Your Singapore Stroll

According to Allied Market Research, the projection for the global taxi market is that it will reach up to $120.89 billion by 2027. The popularity of taxis rises due to the availability of convenient taxi-hailing methods, such as through call or text, or electronic hailing by booking on their website with your smartphone. The availability and accessibility of virtual booking or hailing services are the main reasons why the taxi industry is reaching great heights.

The improvements in the taxi also contributed to the increase in demand for the taxi industry. For example, some taxis can now accommodate up to seven or more passengers. The Maxi Cab has this feature, and people book Maxicab for many functions, like a holiday getaway for a group of friends or a big family, airport transfers, events, and many more. People prefer the Maxi Cab since it does not run on a meter like a regular taxi but have a fixed price. The regular taxi in Singapore costs a metered fare that depends on time and distance.

Maxi cab in Singapore

The Maxi Cab contrasts with the regular cab in many aspects aside from its ability to hold more passengers. While the regular taxi is often a sedan, the Maxi taxi is often a Toyota Hiace or other vehicle that can accommodate more people. It is more convenient for large groups to accommodate their things or baggage this way. Because Maxi Taxis are privately owned by corporations, they are flexible in terms of the length of usage and the destinations. It is guaranteed that the Maxi Cab will deliver their passengers to the doorstep of their whereabouts. Whereas for regular cabs, some drivers choose which destinations they can go to, and you cannot ride for a long time because it depends on the running meter. If you are in a hurry, the regular cab is not the best option.

If you are riding solo or with a friend and are unfamiliar with Singapore, a regular cab would be preferable. The taxi driver can be your tour guide. But if you are riding with a large group, you would need a maxi taxi for convenience and to explore as many places as you can on your schedule. If you want a hassle-free service, the maxi taxi is the better option, especially when you just got off your flight. You would not need to hail a cab and compete with the other hailers. You do not have to be rejected because the cab is going in another direction. When you book a maxi cab, your maxi cab driver will be waiting for you outside just in time to drop you off at your destination. Both regular cabs and maxi cabs are beneficial according to their purpose. If you are the kind that wants to have control in your hands in terms of time and destinations, then the maxi cab would be the right fit, especially if you are traveling in a group.

Maxi Cab booking has become popular in Singapore because of the inconveniences of regular cabs. The regular cabs are inconvenient, especially when traveling during peak hours because this would mean more expensive charges. There are also extra charges during special holidays. Maxi cabs, however, do not cost any extra since there is a set rate during the booking. So even if you will be riding during peak hours, it does not affect your payment. You can book maxi cabs by calling their hotline or through a maxi cab website. Although advanced booking is preferable, they also entertain urgent bookings, and the company ensures that the maxi cab turns up at your destination in as little as fifteen minutes.

Since the booking is online, the payments are virtual and made by credit card. Sometimes they do not charge a booking fee.

The most patronized maxi taxi booking service is the departure service. One of the most anxiety-provoking situations is when you are going to the airport for your departure to check in or to ensure that you will not miss your flight. Fortunately, maxi cab booking takes away all the worries and hassle and fetches you from your pickup point in advance. They have a general overview of the traffic and weather conditions, so you can be sure that they will fetch you at the most convenient and efficient time.

Despite the fixed-rate, Maxi Cab’s booking service also provides an hourly service. People book hourly services to save money. It does not matter where you go, but the time spent getting there. You can go from one place to another, and regardless of the distance, the basis of the calculation is in the hours spent. If you are targeting a one-day escapade in Singapore and going with a group of friends, this would be a great option.

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