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When I first decided to review Flyp, I was a little skeptical of the app. Like most people, I’m wary of trying new clothes-selling apps and online marketplaces. But make no mistake—Flyp is legit.

With many of us working towards a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle, more and more people are buying and selling secondhand clothes. This reduces waste and is a thrifty way to change your wardrobe. Clothes-selling apps like Flyp are becoming extremely useful, as they help people make money while decluttering.

But what is Flyp, and is it worth downloading? Here’s my Flyp review.

selling on Flyp
Flyp App

What exactly is Flyp?

 Flyp is an app that connects you with someone who sells your designer clothes for you.

Unlike with other clothes selling apps, where you have to deal directly with buyers, Flyp lets you find a professional seller with enough time and expertise to sell your items for a fair price.

Flyp is a great alternative to Facebook Marketplace, Depop, and Mercari. Because Flyp connects you with someone who does all the stressful selling work for you, you can easily make money without the hassle.

 How does Flyp work?

Flyp connects you, a person who wants to sell your clothes, with a network of Pro Sellers who sell your clothes. They handle pricing, listing, negotiating with buyers, and shipping on your behalf.

    1. Take photos of your clothes and accessories. Multiple items create a “lot.”
    2. Various Pro Sellers will apply to sell your lot. Each Pro will estimate how much they think your items are worth, along with their commission.
    3. You review these applications and choose a Pro that you like. Send them your lot using Flyp’s shipping label. (And yes, the Flyp Protection Policy is pretty comprehensive!)
    4. Your Pro will sell the items for you through other online marketplaces.
    5. You get paid when your Pro receives payment for each individual sale.

In other words, it’s a lot like selling clothes on consignment through a brick-and-mortar store!

What can you sell on Flyp?

Flyp allows you to sell designer and name-brand clothes, shoes, and handbags. All products must be clean, smell-free, and in very good condition.

According to Flyp, the top ten types of items they sell are:

    • Handbags
    • Athletic wear
    • Dresses
    • Heels
    • Shirts & blouses
    • Leggings
    • Boots
    • Jackets & coats
    • Jeans & pants
    • Sneakers

Flyp does not accept clothes that are:

    • From generic or no-name brands
    • Non-designer
    • Dirty or in poor condition

Can I trust Flyp?

A review wouldn’t be complete without this section. To me, Flyp seems to be legitimate and thorough. Their Protection Policy is quite comprehensive and it protects the seller and Pro Seller fairly.

According to other online Flyp reviews, Flyp is a trustworthy app.



What is a Flyp Pro Seller?

So, who is the person you’re sending your clothing to?

Before I decided to review Flyp, I was most curious about Pro Sellers.

Pro Sellers are thoroughly vetted and screened before they’re accepted to ensure that they’re trustworthy. They often have years of experience in selling clothing. This is great, because it means they have the expertise and passion to negotiate with buyers on your behalf.

They get commission from selling your clothes. This cost is worth it, considering how much time they save you.

 Making money through Flyp as a Pro Seller

If you enjoy selling clothes online and you are looking for a side hustle, you might have luck with Flyp.

The Flyp website notes that there’s a screening process you’ll have to go through before getting Pro Seller status. In order to become a Pro Seller, you’ll need:

    • A customer-centric attitude and excellent communication skills ​
    • Active selling accounts across multiple online marketplaces ​
    • An excellent online seller profile rating ​
    • $1,000+ in sales ​
    • Prior experience with independent consignment
    • A valid form of ID

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply on the website.

Benefits of Flyp

What makes Flyp better than other clothes-selling apps? For me, there are three core benefits of using Flyp:

    • You save time and energy. If you want to sell your second hand designer clothes but don’t have time to do so, Flyp is a pretty innovative and attractive option.
    • You sell clothes faster. Because Pro Sellers operate across platforms and are literally experts at selling clothes, they usually take less time to sell your items than what you’d take.
    • Your designer clothing will be treated as such. Flyp is exclusively for designer and name brand clothing. This means that the Pro Sellers are well-informed and experienced when it comes to selling designer clothing—so your beloved Kate Spade bag will not be sold at the same price as one from H&M!

Downsides of Flyp

While Flyp is legit, there are a few things you need to know about it before using it:

    • The Pro Seller takes commission. In my opinion, this is worth it because it ends up saving you time, energy, and money. You agree on their commission before deciding on a seller, so you’ll know how much to pay in advance.
    • Certain brands are not accepted. You can only sell designer and name brand items on Flyp, and certain brands like TJMaxx, Zaful, and Banana Republic are not accepted. Non-branded and generic brands are also not allowed. Check out their FAQs for a full list of brands.
    • You can’t purchase items on Flyp. As someone who loves clothes, I was ready to purchase some secondhand clothes through Flyp after having a great experience as a seller. Alas, that’s not the point of Flyp—Flyp focuses on sellers, while the Pro Sellers secure the buyers.

Flyp review: the bottom line

If you’re looking for a place to sell your second hand designer clothes, Flyp is definitely worth a shot. Flyp is a great way to get some extra money while saving yourself time and stress.

To download the app, you can do so via the official website at or at the App Store.

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