Sacred Geometry – What It Is And What Is Does

While geometry is a mathematical concept concerned with properties of space such as distance, shape and size, sacred geometry takes this further to bestow those mathematical proportions to everything in existence – not only buildings and structures but, for example, time, cosmology, our own DNA, music and jewelry each of which resonate with a certain harmony and frequency. So, simply by wearing a piece from our Lotus jewelry range, you will be able to access the power and healing abilities that sacred geometry offers.

sacred geometry

Throughout history, the ancient tribes and indigenous cultures of the world have understood the Universe’s fractal nature by taking inspiration from fractal structures such as clouds, mountains, snowflakes and trees for example. To express their respect for and understanding of these natural creations, they designed architecture to mirror those structures and so it is possible to observe certain geometric patterns and proportions in the work of the Ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and Indians. Their architecture demonstrates that because they believed geometry was omnipresent in nature it was therefore naturally sacred and should be used to both inspire and heal.

In today’s modern word, with its capitalist approach, its consumer focus and its never-ending technological advancement, businesses and societies are able to improve productivity, output and thus achieve financial gain. Even online tarot reading is in full swing because people want to peak into their future. Top 5 card reading services platforms can be found on HeraldNet.

However, all this comes at a cost that not only relates to people’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing but has also led to a disconnect from nature and its organic rhythms and its inherent ability to heal. This is why Lotus jewelry utilizes the properties of sacred geometry to improve and sustain your wellbeing as you confront all that the modern world involves whilst also ensuring you remain connected to and in harmony with the nature that is all around you.

Ancient civilizations believed that scared geometry represented visual symbols that had intense healing powers and that by meditating using these symbols and shapes our vibrations would return to harmony with nature and its rhythms. The concept behind this is that if everything in nature is geometric in form then by meditating on the shapes that make up that geometry, we can meditate on all that is in nature itself. And by wearing a piece of Lotus jewelry, you will find yourself free to be able to meditate whenever and wherever you like.

We can reconnect with nature and its rhythms by making sure that our minds, spirits and bodies are in alignment with these shapes and the frequencies within them and thus harmony can be restored within us which will bring more synchronicity, greater relaxation, less stress and heightened intuition to our lives.

So, with an understanding of what sacred geometry is and what it does, let’s take a look at some of the better known symbols, what they mean and how they can help us.

 The seed of life

This is believed to be the symbol of creation and takes the form of six circles that interlock and which are enclosed by a seventh circle. This can be interpreted as referring to the seven chakras, the seven days of creation or the seven notes of a musical scale. It is also believed to symbolise the Divine Feminine as well as being an interpretation of the fractal nature of which the Universe is composed such as the seven stars of ancient astrology or the seven hills of Ancient Rome.

sacred geometry
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The flower of life

This flows on from the seed of life and by using this symbol to mediate, it is thought that we will be helped to understand how the Universe works as well as the patterns that it is comprised of so that we achieve a gradual state of enlightenment. It is also believed that if this symbol is kept near electronic and electrical devices then any damaging electromagnetic frequencies can be dispelled so make sure you always have your piece of Lotus jewelry on when you are close to any such equipment for any length of time.

 Sri Yantra

Many people believe that this symbol, which can be found in the traditions of Hinduism, is the mother of all the sacred geometry symbols. It is believed to have the ability to open up the pineal gland which is where our intuitive and psychic awareness resides, unite the left and right hemispheres in the brain and to have the ultimate powers of manifestation with the ability to deliver all our worldly wishes and desires.

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