Movie marketing on Instagram has opened new vistas in promoting Hollywood films

Since Instagram is a visual based platform, it seems to be the most compatible marketing platform for Hollywood movies or any other film. With Instagram providing many advantages to marketers by adding more features focused on video marketing, promoting movies on Instagram seems obvious.

You will find any upcoming Hollywood movie promotion on Instagram, which serves as the place where the first and the last interactions with the audience occur. The promotional activities of movies start before production. Viewers start following it while sharing the content they like and, in the process, build a community that turns into ardent fans of the movie when it releases.

Movie marketing on Instagram has opened new vistas in promoting Hollywood films

Instagram allows movie marketers to create new strategies for attracting viewers and arousing their interest in movies in innovative ways. By using influencer marketing on Instagram, movie makers can gain huge mileage in marketing the campaigns with likes and comments, and the popularity of movies spreads like wildfire. But despite the marketing prowess of the Instagram platform, marketers cannot rule out the need to buy Instagram likes and comments, which shoots up popularity instantly and allows time to garner these organically without losing the competitive edge.

Targeting a youthful audience

Youths dominate the user base of Instagram and why Hollywood considers the platform so much crucial for promoting movies. Since the young population comprises most movie buffs, they are interested in following the promotional campaign on Instagram. Hollywood does not think twice about using Instagram. With more than a billion users dominated by the younger generation, Instagram is the automatic choice of film producers who use the platform to boost revenue generation by adding a new income stream.  In addition to uploading teasers and behind-the-scenes content, movie makers can even use the advertising features of Instagram to expand their reach and create the most impacting campaign that draws more viewers to the theaters.

Options for brand marketing

To get the most from the promotional campaigns of movies on Instagram, you must play the game by marketing the platform’s rules. For example, some production companies that rely on their brand for marketing use their company account for promoting every movie produced under the banner or brand. Another way is to create separate Instagram accounts for each film and promote it like a brand. The choice depends on the kind of marketing strategy that suits the occasion.  However, some of the other marketing techniques of movies are the same as marketing any other products on Instagram.

Use hashtags intelligently

Hashtags are extremely powerful in driving the audience toward the content, and the marketing success on Instagram greatly depends on the choice of the right hashtags. Hashtags allow the audience to discover your content, resulting in more followers and higher engagement having the potential to generate a revenue stream. The intent of discovery underlying the hashtags places your content in front of the audience. Using hashtags in every Instagram post increases engagement by 12.6%.  Do some research to make a list of hashtags that work best for the campaign and use it judiciously without overdoing it.

Create content for the audience

Every movie belongs to some genre and has an audience that feels more attracted to it. Rarely are their movies that have a universal appeal for the audience across all ages. When promoting movies on Instagram, you must know the audience you want to target and create content, especially for that group.  Having a good grasp of the audience’s psyche and knowing the demographics will give you an edge in marketing as you can create content that the audience relishes.  Do some good research about the audience to understand the best way to create content that resonates with them.

Post at the correct times

Another benefit of doing audience research is that it gives proper insights into their online behavior and indicates the time slots when they are most active on the platform. This information is helpful for marketers as they can match their content uploading times with it and stay active during that time that generates more interaction and better engagement. Posting at the correct times will help garner maximum attention, and the audience would be willing to spend more time on it. However, restrain your urge to post too much content at close intervals as it could upset viewers who need some time to savor the goodness of a piece of content.

Monitor the market trends

Besides keeping a close tab on the audience, monitor the market trends continuously so that you can quickly adjust to some emerging trends and keep your campaign relevant. Flexibility in marketing is vital as it allows quick adaptation to the changing market to maintain the campaign’s momentum.

Hollywood movie promotion benefits through sharing content by celebrities that add more punch to the campaign.

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