How to Submit Editorial to Fashion Magazine

Incredible times have come as you can get published in several different fashion magazines in one month now. Today, we have so many fashion magazines to choose from! All photographers, models, makeup artists, fashion designers, crafters and stylists can freely submit their work to magazine in few easy steps. Thus, magazines that publish fashion editorials are always excited to receive a new photo-set to review. By having said so, the only thing you need to know, is how to submit editorial to fashion magazine. In other words, what steps you should to take in order get published in a fashion magazine.

Actually, there are several ways to get published in magazines. You can do an interview feature, submit a press release, buy an advertising spot, apply for front cover, prepare a product review or write an article using literary fiction book editors. If you are looking to submit fashion editorial to magazine, the easiest way to submit to magazine that does periodical print issues specializing in editorial fashion photography.

Spare some time to look for magazines accepting submissions from photographers, models and other creatives of fashion industry. Certainly, make sure you understand the submission requirements and put your hands on planning a photoshoot. At the same time, you should keep submitting fashion editorials to be featured as webitorials on various publishing platforms. Webitorials will drive an online traffic to your website and social media while you await for magazine to publish your editorial in print.

Find Magazines Accepting Submissions

Firstly, do an honest research online and make a list of fashion magazines that have currently open submissions. Hence, in order to save your budget, prioritize magazines that do not charge for submissions. Always look for free submissions and keep your hard-earned money in own pocket. In current climate, there are hundreds of different types of fashion magazines that have free submissions. You will find tons of print magazines, digital (online only) magazines or print on demand magazines looking for editorial submissions.

Secondly, pay attention to magazine’s aesthetics and photographic style. Every fashion magazine has its own standards. We recommend visiting magazine’s website to see its previous content such as periodical print or online publications, published articles, webitorials, monthly themes or mood boards. Soon you will learn what magazines are the right fit for you. Indeed, you should take a closer look at each magazine before blasting it with several careless submission emails. Please avoid sending blind submissions as such submissions will be rejected by editors. Explore as many fashion magazines as you can, so that you find the closest ones to your photographic style.

Lastly, after you find magazines accepting submissions and cohering with your artistic vibe, contact them by representing yourself and provide a link to your online portfolio or website. Certainly, your initial email should be short and informative. Write 2-3 sentences that would catch editor’s attention. After all, approach a magazine in happy-face manner and maintain friendly relationship with all editors.

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Follow Guidelines for Magazine Submissions

When you find the best magazine to submit to, carefully read it’s submissions guidelines. Most importantly, pay exclusive attention to technical requirements for image file format. In other words, nearly all paper-printed magazines require image files to be in high resolution. This mean, files must be not less than 1MB in size and have not less than 2000px at longest side.

Magazines require high-resolution files because they print images on paper. Your submitted images will be printed in their periodical issue in paper, consisting front and back cover and available to purchase as a paper magazine. High resolution provides crispy quality to image when printed on paper. Nobody wants fashion editorials to appear blurry, unclear and cheap in printed publication that circulates almost for ever. Indeed, low quality images do not provide any benefit or value to the artist’s professional portfolio. At the same time such images damage magazine’s reputation as well. For online interview features, webitorials, press releases and other online features you must supply low resolution images: not less than 1500px at longest side and file size not bigger than 600kb. For more information please visit HERE.

Nonetheless, you should always accurately follow all submissions guidelines. As a rule, editorial submissions must be submitted with a list of team credits. Also, some fashion magazines require providing a name for the set. It should be one or two words long. Please avoid typing team credits in all-capital letters, inserting brackets or foreign symbols. In team credits, add one link to online portfolio of each team member involved in photo-session, i.e. website URL, Instagram account name or Facebook page. See in what format a list of credits must be provided.

Another key point, clearly understand how the magazine requires all material (low-res files, team credits, etc.) to be sent to it. When you submit to the magazine see if it allows zip files and email attachments. Some fashion magazines require to use or to transfer image files of editorial submission, but do not allow email attachments and zip files. It is important, because your submission may be rejected by their email servers or rejected manually as not following guidelines.

Moreover, most fashion magazines are looking for fashion editorials in specific style or mood to maintain it’s artistic vision. Besides, some magazines set a “theme” for the next coming publication. In this case, fashion magazine provides a mood board as a reference to the expected style of editorial submissions. For this purpose you should always carefully read magazine submission rules. If you follow submission guidelines, catch magazine’s vibe, your editorial will be accepted. Show editors that you understand magazine’s aesthetics. Be respectful to magazine and its guidelines. On the other hand, you can use their requirements as your ladder to get published in the magazine.

how to submit editorial sheeba magazine
Editorial published in Sheeba Magazine

Choose Fashion Editorial to Submit

Usually, You can submit to fashion magazine without any issues if you know what magazine is looking for. As earlier said, editorial images must meet magazine’s criteria and fit with its style. At the same time you should make your fashion editorial more interesting not boring. We recommend brainstorming an idea and sourcing a creative team. Work on bringing your vision to life. Find a perfect model, get experienced editorial makeup artist, contact crafty fashion designers and rally an editorial fashion shoot.

If you plan to submit to fashion magazine, shoot with people who have been published in magazine already. By doing so, you work with creatives who have contact details you may need. Also, published people understand magazine’s aesthetic and usually are familiar with basic requirements. In this way, your team may highly increase your chances of getting published. Surely, put your best in every single shot and produce a bunch of great images to choose from. Remember, quality over quantity! Therefore, the images you shot must match the publication in style, mood or general concept.

Certainly selecting the best images to form a fashion editorial can be a real pain. We would like to list few aspects for your attention when you are selecting photos to submit to magazine:

    • Choose a great variety of different poses and angles
    • Image composition should vary
    • Images must be of an editorial style
    • Makeup must be an editorial makeup
    • Fashion and styling is important
    • Do all images maintain same mood and style?
    • Decide on number different outfits, or one?
    • Do you submit fashion or beauty editorial?
    • Images in vibrant colors, avoid dark images
    • Lighting should fit magazine’s style
    • Crisp and sharp images only
    • Match image file quality and format
    • Avoid graphic overlays, i.e. watermarks, text.

When you submit editorial to fashion magazine select images that are in the same mood. Thus, the selected images (5-10 images) now become a set that should carry unwritten story. Look at the whole selection as if it was a story without written words and consists of photographs only. How does the set translate to you? Can you understand it? Actually, editorial fashion photography should easily translate into a storyline without a single written word. Think about what message and mood you are trying to convey. Besides, you should define an editorial by giving it a name (title). Preferably consisting of one or two words only. As a result, a strong editorial name will inspire viewers to see a story being told by the creative team.

Note that most magazines have limited number of pages (space) in print issues and usually choose to publish four to ten images per editorial. A number may vary depending on magazine’s layout and editor’s choice. As a rule, magazine’s layout is vertical so publishing magazines prioritize vertical images. Likewise, you may include one or two horizontal images for variety. In general, we would advise to submit 5-10 images per editorial.

Furthermore, make an editorial appealing and attractive to the reader and viewer. If reader finds a fashion editorials not interesting, both a submitter and a magazine is likely to loose few readers, clients or followers. In essence, the more fashion editorial is creative and unique the more likely it will be featured in the magazine. Actually, here you have a total freedom in playing with poses, angles, colors, fashion outfits and locations. In fact, unique fashion editorials are most wanted by fashion magazines. We advise you not to publish or upload online the editorial you are submitting to the magazine. Make your editorial exclusive and never published before.

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So How to Submit Editorial to Fashion Magazine?

Most inspiring photographers or models ask, how to submit editorial to fashion magazines. Good news, submitting photos to magazines is a quite easy process if you follow guidelines provided by magazine. Furthermore, give yourself a time to familiarize with magazine, what does it publish, go through contents, webitorials and articles.

Depending on magazine submissions rules, send high or low resolution image files, a text file with team credits and set name via third party file transferring services such as or In fact, this is the most crucial moment in the submission process. If magazine states how exactly you have to transfer all files, you must obey this rule. Unfortunately, if you send your submission in an incorrect way, it may not be received at all or be rejected by editors.

If submissions are accepted via email, do not send a bulk-email to several magazines in one go. Send one email to one magazine at a time. In other words, do not send the same email (including images and credits) to ten different magazines at the same time. Usually, fashion magazines prefer exclusive editorials that are unseen at the time of submission.

In addition, you can submit fashion editorials to be featured as webitorials on magazine’s website. Most fashion magazines do online publications and feature photo editorials on their platforms. Find “Submissions” page or “Submit” page on magazine’s website and see what submissions are currently open.

Wait for Confirmation Email

Finally, after you have sent an editorial and team credits, you should get a confirmation email from fashion magazine. This way you will know if your submission was accepted. In most cases, if editorial is not accepted you may not receive any replying message at all. By all means, wait 7-14 working days for confirmation email to come. Fashion magazine editorial staff is really busy and receive an excessive amount of emails to deal with. Nonetheless, after a week or two send a kind reminder on your submission. Actually, a follow-up email may encourage editors to review your submission once again and give a green light for publication.

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Webitorials published by Sheeba Magazine

Summarizing Submissions to Fashion Magazine

Fortunately, in present there are plenty of opportunities to submit editorial images to various fashion magazines. Now, magazines come in three different formats: print magazines, digital magazines and print-on-demand magazines. Most editorial fashion magazines are looking for unseen and captivating editorials to showcase as a new content to their readers.

If you want to submit to fashion magazine, you have to find one that resonates with our artistic vibe. Then, familiarize yourself with magazine’s style, concept and aesthetics. Go through webitorials, articles by exploring all photographs published there. Most important, carefully read submissions guidelines and learn how to submit editorial to fashion magazine you like. Bear in mind that every magazine has different rules for submissions. Usually, they can be found on open submissions page. Pay attention to deadlines and how to send images.

When you submit photos to magazine, you have to provide a list team credits, such as photographer, model, makeup artist, designer, and others. All editorial images must be in low resolution as they will be uploaded on website. Certainly, make sure you understand technical requirements for image files.

If you want to get published, know what is editorial fashion photography and editorial makeup. Therefore, choose to collaborate with creatives that are already published and know magazines standards. Besides, submit to magazine that is closest to your artistic style. Later, when you experience couple of successful submissions and publications, seek to get published in magazines that are of slightly different style and concept. This will help you to think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone. For this reason, keep good and friendly relationship with editors and magazine.

Authors note: The purpose of this educational article is to provide a few guiding tips to an artist who intends to submit to Sheeba magazine and other fashion magazines as well.

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