How to Impress Your Clients as a Graphic Designer

If you really want to impress your clients as a graphic designer, then offer them something they can’t find anywhere else. If you offer something unique or go beyond your duties, you will definitely earn them.

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Each client has different expectations. These requirements are based on design work. The following is a list of what clients expect from a graphic designer:

Natural Talent

You must show your client how talented you are in what you do. Customers will tell if you are trying to force an image or if you have what it takes to create effective designs.

Latest Design Trends

Clients will not enjoy working with a designer who uses outdated design styles. Customers will appreciate a designer who is well versed in enduring design marketing trends. Plus, you can impress customers by creating unique designs that match the right colors, text, and images.

Effective Communication Skills

As a graphic designer, your clients will expect you to communicate with them during all phases of the project. They will also require you to carry out all the orders they have given you for the project (within reason). Along with that, they hope you have optimal customer service skills.


Customers want to take a look and know that “you can do it”. You must convince your clients that you have the skills and experience to complete a project to their satisfaction.

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The Latest Design Software

You will be expected to know the latest computer design software. Otherwise, why should customers hire you?

You may not realize how smart your customers can be, at times. They may not know the types of software designer’s use, but they do know what is available.

If a client asks if they have knowledge of programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash or Quark XPress, it is better to say yes. Inform your customers exactly what software certifications you have obtained.

Perfect Grammar

Nothing is more embarrassing than misspelled words or awkward phrases. Your customers will trust that you are qualified to choose effective slogans that are spelled correctly and make sense.

Of course, is if the graphic logos or ad campaign text intentionally requires some form of misspelling or some form of misused grammar. This is usually true in cases like EZ Care or other flashy trademarks, or the slogan text meant to be humorous.

In addition to the above, your customers will expect you to show that you are passionate about what you do. If you seem less enthusiastic in your role as a designer, you may miss out on completing the projects offered by the most reputable firms in the world.



Lack of passion usually doesn’t worry about new designers as much as more experienced designers. If you’ve been a graphic designer for a while and lack inspiration, then you can find ways to get inspired again.

Suppose you can take a vacation and see the world. This will help you gain a new perspective on life and help you in your profession. You may also want to take as many photos as you can while on vacation, or grab a notebook and paper and start hand drawing again.

Learn Graphic design evening courses Wirral for better business owner, you are expected to do many things. These courses so helpful;. The design pays the bills, but if you really want your business to take off, there are some high-level business development tasks to consider. Here are seven “success secrets” that I have personally used to develop my own graphic design business.

Manage Your Time

There are many hours in a day. Ultra successful graphic designers seem to get more out of them than the rest of their peers. You may want to study some time management methods and choose the one that works best for you. Stick with it, and you will find that you are finally taking two steps for every step your competition takes.

Update Your Wallet

That old saying about how shoemaker kids need new shoes is true. Most graphic designers are so busy working on design projects that they never get a free minute to update their portfolio. Or if you’re like me, you’re so excited about what’s new that it seems boring to go back and revisit old projects for the sake of the wallet. That’s why updating your portfolio should be something you schedule for every 6 months.

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Hone Your Skills

Budget a significant amount of money each year to attend seminars and trade shows, and purchase home study courses. This could mean a project management workshop or class on Photoshop or public speaking. If you’re not already spending several thousand dollars a year on personal and professional development, it may seem like more money, but the more skilful and versatile you are, the more you can charge your customers.

Create and Maintain Customer Files

Your Company’s most valuable asset is your graphic design customer list. You should collect the contact information for each of your customers. You should also take notes on them every time you speak. What foods do you like? What hobbies do they have? I also recommend setting up a system that reminds you to check in with clients every 3-6 months. The information you capture on them is very valuable for this purpose. If you’ve ever revealed that you love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, then sending them a plate of those cookies is a great way to say “hey, remember me?” if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

Keep Lists of Ideas

Ideas are like seeds. They are very small, but they can become something much bigger. Most people have good ideas, but they don’t have a system to capture and organize them. I use Microsoft OneNote to capture my snippets of inspiration, but even a simple notebook will work. Set a reminder to review your idea bank every 3 months. You will be amazed at how this simple process can lead to great things coming to fruition.

Press the Meat

Step away from your desk and shake hands with people, not just anyone, but an influential or decision-making person you target ahead of time. Find out what events they usually attend and plan to attend there with the intention of showing up for them.

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