How To Get More Streams On Spotify As An Artist

Every artist aims to release their music on Spotify. Spotify is after all one of the biggest and most successful music streaming apps in the world. Making it big on Spotify can take you to the big stage in reality as well. Having followers, listeners and streams on your song as an artist, are the most important factors of Spotify. Now that the app, “Spotify for Artists” is available, the artist can check all their streams with deeper insights along with knowing what else they can do to get better at being Spotify Artists.

How To Get More Streams On Spotify As An Artist

It can be a long task to have a huge number of streams on your music but now this is easier since you have the option to buy Spotify streams. This way you will have Spotify streams instantly on your music.

Ways to get more streams on your Music

Uploading your original music on Spotify can be one of the most satisfying things for an artist. However, it can be disappointing too when after weeks of hard work and dedication, an artist does not get enough streams on their music. Here are a few points which can give the artist that silver lining that can take them to the next level if you do not want to buy Spotify plays instead.

• Originality

One of the key factors to look into is the artist’s originality. When you are putting out your music, make sure your music is different from others. Different and new music is something everybody wants to listen to. Your originality is what makes you different. Hence it is advised that you work on doing something with your music that makes it special thus attracting more Spotify users to listen to your music

• Sharing your Music

 This should be done without anyone having to remind you about this. Always remember to keep sharing your music as much as possible. Take the help of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Share your music to your friends and also in the form of posts and stories on social media. The more you share, the more will be the reach of your song. This way newer people will listen to your song thus getting you more streams on your song. Along with this, you also have the option to buy Spotify streams. It is advised that you use trusted websites like Spotify Storm that will get you the streams instantly.

How To Get More Streams On Spotify As An Artist

• Sending your Music to Bloggers

 Music blogs such as the Rolling Stone are a great platform to support artists and their music. In the same way, there are many other music blogs where you can send your music. Music blogs have been doing well recently. More importantly, once your songs are featured in a music blog, the streams of your songs can go up by a large number. It would be great for artists for their songs to get featured on music blogs. When you send your music to music blogs describe what the song is about and in reality what the song means to you. Since the music bloggers may receive several emails from artists, they may unluckily not come across your message. This should not let you down. As you keep working hard, you will be noticed and discovered by these bloggers.

As you keep working towards sharing your content and also releasing new music, you will notice a significant rise in your music streams. The above-mentioned factors are a few tips that can take you to the next step.

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