How to Become a Beauty Guru on YouTube

With the entire content market transitioning from written to video content; people have started investing time in video platforms such as YouTube. Many creators are currently active on this platform. YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms, clearly gaining more traction than any other platform. Owing to this fact; several new creators come up every day on this platform.

How to Become a Beauty Guru on YouTube

If you search online, you will find thousands and thousands of videos for several niches. All these videos are getting created every day for millions of viewers. One of the popular video channels that are surfacing in the video market is “Beauty Channels.” Over time, professional stylists have used the platform to educate others by giving tricks and tips to enhance their beauty. If you too are aiming to develop or create a beauty channel, here are some excellent tips.

1.  Do Not Enter The Rat Race

If you randomly pick up an established YouTuber from every niche and try to connect the dots; you will find one thing in common. All the YouTubers that are well-known in their particular field have done something differently. The trick is to think and do differently. It is very easy to copy the ideas of someone who is already established. But the key to success lies in trying your hand in something different, something new. If you want to become a beauty guru on YouTube, you need to have a plan that will make you different from others. Use the internet to understand things that can help you. At times you can also connect with experts on this. You can watch their videos to take cues and remember, do not copy their ideas.

2. Get An Editor

Another very important thing that you should know about the success secret of YouTube has an editor. All the videos that you shoot might not be the best in raw form. You will have to either learn to use a YouTube video editor or hire someone good at this. Having an editor by your side will surely lighten up your work, and you would be able to concentrate on creating better content.  If you want options, see it here.


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3. Do Not Repost Anything

A YouTube channel loses its reputation when the creator posts the same video twice. Irrespective of the engagement you get on a particular video, make sure that you don’t repeat your content. Currently, there are several Vloggers on YouTube who post similar videos on their channel, which is a big NO. If you wish to become a successful vlogger, create something new all the time and post it. Partial tutorials are also good enough. In that, you get the viewers attached to your channel. If there is a makeup that requires a few steps, you can make 2-3 videos out of 1 content and post them over time.

4. Connection With The Viewers

One of the most important things about YouTube is the connection or the bond between the creator and the viewer. Irrespective of the niche, you will always get people’s attention if you can connect with them. With connection, it doesn’t mean you need to make friendly videos. Irrespective of the response you get on your channel, make sure that you find out time to pin the best comment of a video or reply to all or majority comments like the comments left by the viewers and keep appreciating the response. The more you connect with your viewers, the better answer you will get. In some videos, you can ask for the viewer’s feedback. This will send a message to all your viewers that you wish to hear what they have in store.

5. Never Be Demotivated

We all know how funny the internet, especially YouTube, can be. Many people surf the internet keeping a single motive in their head, “to demotivate others.” It might not have happened to you, but some people will leave negative comments on your video to pull you down. In such scenarios, a good YouTuber will always neglect all these comments and move forward. If you are also striving to become a beauty guru, you need to understand this very well.

6. Keep Your Room Properly Lit

Beauticians have to keep one thing in their mind while recording a video; that the room is lit nicely. These days several options can help you in getting this task done. You can get a ring light for shooting your videos. It is efficient lighting that can help you in getting great videos. Bright artificial lighting right behind the camera will not just impressively illuminate the face of your subject but will also enhance the video quality. It shows the actual colour and pigments of your makeup that will help the viewer to understand what they need to do.

How to Become a Beauty Guru on YouTube

7. Alter Your Background

If you want to make your videos more professional consider having a better background while shooting the video. Make sure that there is no clutter behind the subject because it will only worsen up the video. One simple way to keep your background beautiful and tidy is by either starting using a backdrop or green film. It is easy to put a black curtain on the background and start shooting.


These are just the starters for being a beauty guru on YouTube. Once your channel gets monetized you have n-number of ways to make things work, but importantly you need to keep these 7 things in mind. They are the basic things that will improve your videos as well as the channel. Also, it is essential to have a catchy or engaging introduction for your videos. To get one, you can visit There are a lot of ideas, templates and other features that will help you in understanding the needs and importance of having an impactful intro.


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