How Much Is the Phone Plan In Singapore? A Costs Guide

Phone plans keep you connected through Talktime, data, or SMS. The amount you spend on monthly phone bills depends on the plans you choose and what value they offer for your money. So what are being offered in phone plans in Singapore and how much do they averagely cost? Let’s find out in this costs guide.

Types of phone plans and what they cost in Singapore

How Much Is the Phone Plan In Singapore? A Costs Guide
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SIM plans

SIM plans are increasingly becoming popular due to their excellent value for money. With a SIM plan, you get data usage, talk time and minutes all under one package. The great flexibility they offer is why they’re also referred to as Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) plans. Here are 2 examples of SIM plans and what they’ll cost you in Singapore:

20GB, 100 mins Talktime and 25 SMS- $18 per month

100GB, 100 mins Talktime and 25 SMS- $38 per month

Clearly, this is the plan to go for if you’re looking to pay less in your monthly phone bill.

Take advantage of providers that offer free caller IDs for this phone plan. For maximum flexibility, choose a no-contract or prepaid plan.

Family plans

Family phone plans are arguably the most affordable, especially when a good deal of SIMs are connected to the plan. Mobile data is allotted singly but shared among several lines.

Some family plans come with parental controls that allow you to set data limits for each line. Others have fixed data that’s shared equally among all the connected lines.

For 200GB data, 500 mins Talktime and 200 SMS, you’ll spend the following for various number of lines in Singapore:

2lines- $50/month

3lines- $60/month

4lines- $70/month

5lines- $80/month

6lines- $90/month

Evidently, the more the lines, the more economical this plan becomes.

Data only plans

If your main focus is data speed and amount, data-only plans will perfectly suit you. These plans come with boosted data amounts and improved data speeds excellent for portable WI-FI, tablets and data-only second line.

Example data-only plans in Singapore (on no-contract options):

50 GB of 4G data speeds- $20/ month

130 GB of 4G data speeds- $40/month



Corporate plans

Are you in the corporate arena and wondering how to give your staff flexibility to use data and Talktime? Why not purchase a corporate plan for them? It’ll come with more data and hence you’ll cut the cost you spend on phone plans in your company.

With $18-$28/month, you’ll get 50GB that you can top up anytime and unlimited talk time that your staff will use forever.

Unlimited plans

Unlimited plans give you unlimited usage of the service you need; data, Talktime, or SMS. It would help if you knew that unlimited plans also come with a maximum data threshold, after which the service slows down or is halted. Don’t be lured by the term ‘unlimited’ into not using your subscription responsibly.

In Singapore, a100 GB unlimited data with 4G rollover will cost you around $38 per month.

E-SIM plans

E-SIMs eliminate the need for physical lines and bring a new level of convenience to phone plans. Once you sign up for this plan, you’ll get a QR code (usually sent by email), which you’re supposed to activate by scanning with your mobile phone.

A 100 GB e-SIM plan should cost you around $48 per month for a 12 months subscription.

How Much Is the Phone Plan In Singapore? A Costs Guide
Source: Pinterest

Wrapping up

Data plans in Singapore shouldn’t cost you a pile, but it all matters on the research you’ll do before you purchase one. Understanding what the plan offers is the only way to know if it’s economically viable or exorbitant for you. With a reputable provider, though, you’ll always have the best deals for data plans in Singapore, so choose yours wisely.

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