Games That Have Gone Viral and Why

There has been a surge in the number of games that have gone viral, and in recent times it is this ability to go viral and develop a global audience of scale that many gamers and game developers are looking for. It is thus an interesting topic to discuss and determine the various games that have gone viral and what this means.

games gone viral


The simple word or number puzzle has become one of the fastest growing and most played games in the world and in the online space. The ability to give the brain a workout and have fun figuring out the answer to the puzzle is a challenge that most people are up for. Wordle was a great example of exactly how these simple format puzzle games have managed to take the entire world by storm and become the most played games in the world. Pattern puzzles have more recently also become extremely popular, and several have gone viral on the internet, when they’ve gone unsolved for a while. The aim here is to keep the puzzle simple and yet enjoyable and challenging enough for people to want to share their success.


Multiplayer online battle arena games have become the most played games online. The movement to viral gaming status for many MOBA titles was a simple progression as this genre of game grew across the globe. The simple format and easy to understand gameplay as well as fast-paced action and the ability to join others in the quests being undertaken made this format of online gaming a popular choice for millions. They have, however, generally gone viral because of the skills or moves of the specific player that’s being watched at the time. A great example is when the famed gamer videogamedunkey’ lost his cool while playing Pokémon Unite and rather than his moves or the game itself, it was this outburst that sent the game viral. Everybody wanted to see the clip, as well as then play the game.

Shooter Games

The rise of first-person shooter games has been a steady one, and it is a genre that has taken the online world by storm. Being able to watch fast moving action and know when there are great kills coming up is one of the most watched aspects of online gaming.

The Online Casino

The rise of online casinos and the increasing popularity of the sector has seen a number of casino games or player gaming sessions go viral. With many well-known celebrities playing and sharing their wins on social media and the wide range of online places to access and play these games, it is no wonder that they have gone viral. A popular choice for others to watch are the card games, such as poker and blackjack, but it’s the payouts that most people like to watch and get involved in. The aim is to keep streaming and sharing as you play at the best online casinos that payout and audiences will flock to see your reaction if you win.

The Platforms

Twitch, Twitter, game specific forums and social media are all now used to share and stream games. Whether you share feed of yourself playing or sign up to twitter and twitch to watch others game, the ability to do so is now one of the main reasons that the games as mentioned in this article have gone viral. It all started on YouTube where specific channels were set yup to show people gaming. Initially it was just the die-hard gamers who tuned in, and perhaps it was initially regarded as somewhat strange to log in to watch others game, but it has been a trend that stuck and grew.

It’s the sharing of game play and ability to watch others play and participate with millions around the globe that makes it possible for games to go viral. It is a phenomenon that will simply increase and spread – as does the internet and the capacity to upload and stream live gaming.

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