Factors to Analyze to Find Health and Beauty Wholesale Distributors in the USA

The United States is one of the most developed countries globally with a highly developed market economy. The country has 104,839 Beauty, Cosmetics & Fragrance Stores businesses per recent data. Choosing a wholesale distributor in the US is a crucial business decision. It affects your ability to offer health and beauty products at a competitive price and deliver it on time to your customers. Here are a few factors to analyze for finding ideal health and beauty wholesale distributors USA.

Find Health and Beauty products Wholesale Distributors in the USA

Years of Experience the Wholesale Distributor Has in Business

As per the recent census, the estimated population of the US is around 332 million. Experience plays a vital role in every business, and the wholesale distributor business is no exception. A distributor with experience will understand the target market well and stock products with higher demand. Also, the wholesale distributor will have good relations with most manufacturers and help get good price deals in wholesale goods.

Does the Distributor Sell to the End-Consumer Also?

Most wholesale distributors sell in bulk to the retailers and do not entertain small orders from end customers. Therefore, you need to ask the wholesale distributor whether they have a retail business.

If the answer is yes, the wholesale distributor is your supplier and competitor. Therefore, you need to avoid wholesale distributors who sell to end-users. It will lead to direct competition between you and your wholesale distributor, and he will always have a price advantage.

Consistent Access to Products

Before choosing any distributor, you need to ask whether they offer health and beauty products and brands you want. Look for a distributor with a clear and expansive product catalog with intricate product details. The product catalog should be searchable to find the products you need.

Some health and beauty products sell like hotcakes, and the wholesale distributor should offer consistent access to products. In addition, the distributor should have a well-established supply chain that ensures you never face a shortage of stock, and the distributor can replenish stock as per your needs.

Check whether the distributor offers access to exclusive products that you don’t have in your store now but would want them to be a part of your inventory in the near future.

Access to Products That You Otherwise Wouldn’t Have

As per recent data, the women population accounts for 50.5% of the total US population. The health and beauty product range is quite broad, but most health and beauty wholesale distributors in the USA stock products of only one or two companies. As a retailer, you need to offer a wide variety of products to your customers. If the distributor provides access to products you otherwise wouldn’t have, you can increase your product range without dealing with multiple suppliers.

Better Prices

As per recent population predictions, the women population in the US will be around 172.28 million by 2025. The prices of the products are an essential factor when selecting a wholesale distributor. However, prices should not be determined by volumes alone. Instead, you need to look for a distributor who offers lower prices that automatically translates into higher profit margins on every product.

The distributors’ pricing is determined by their relationship with the manufacturers and the shipping distances. Hence, you need to consider many distributors for health and beauty products.

Reliable Shipping

When selecting a wholesale distributor, check the shipping options. If you place an order and the shipment is late, you could lose. Therefore, the distributor should offer reliable shipping options for product tracking and automated shipping alerts.

Also, the distributor should know the shipping needs of your industry. For example, some health and beauty products have unique storage and transportation requirements.

To sum up, following these tips and guidelines will help you select a wholesale distributor who meets your business requirements.

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