Best Motorcycle Riding Advice Every Newbie Must Follow

Motorcycle riding is thrilling because nothing matches the fresh feel of the wind on your face. You cannot miss out on the time-saving benefits of commuting on a two-wheeler in a busy city. The fuel costs are a fraction of the cost of driving a car. Despite these benefits, the main concern about motorcycles is the growing number of road mishaps involving them. Moreover, injuries are often more serious and casualties run high in number for bike accidents. As a newbie, you must do everything to be safe when hitting the road on a motorcycle. Being conscious and using common sense can take you a long way. Here is the best motorcycle riding advice every newbie must follow.

Motorcycle Riding Advice Every Newbie

Choose a safe model

The most crucial aspect of bike safety is choosing a safe model. You will probably buy a new one while starting your riding journey. Check the various brands and models, and pick one with high-end safety features in the first place. Avoid choosing a model with complex specifications as it may be hard to handle. You can research online or ask for recommendations. A solid and safe motorcycle can take you a long way with safety, so be wise with the decision.

Take a safety course

Taking a safety course should be a priority for beginners. Do not assume you know the road rules for motorcycles. A safety program educates you about much more than the road rules. It makes you aware about handling unpredictable riding situations. It can also help you practice riding skills and good judgment. Moreover, you get the confidence you need to be safe on the road before getting started.

Know and obey traffic rules

Besides specific safety rules, you must know and obey the basic traffic rules. Stick with speed limits and use your signals every time on the road. It is better to avoid the rush hours and high-traffic routes when you are still new to motorcycle riding. Always check the weather before heading out because even the most seasoned riders can get into trouble due to poor visibility in bad weather. It becomes even more crucial for newbies still in the learning phase.

Be prepared for the worst

A safety course makes you a safe rider, but you cannot be too sure about averting mishaps. They may still happen due to the negligence of other drivers on the road. You must be prepared for the worst. Buying insurance is the first step as it covers the risk of loss and damage caused by accidents. Also, be aware of your rights if you sustain injuries due to someone else’s negligence. You can work with a motorcycle accident attorney to claim personal injury compensation. They ensure you get adequate compensation to cover your medical bills, loss of income, damages, and cost of pain and suffering due to the mishap.

Never skimp on motorcycle gear

Whether a newbie or a seasoned rider, you must never skimp on motorcycle gear. It offers protection from debris, elements, and road rash. Prepare a checklist of gear and ensure you have everything before hitting the road. It includes a safety helmet, goggles, leather pants, leather jacket, non-slip gloves, and over the ankle boots. You can add a layer or two to be extra safe if there is a crash.

Be visible

Since two-wheelers are small in size, you cannot assume you are always visible to the others on the road. Hundreds of motorcycle mishaps occur only because the rider is not visible. But you can go the extra mile to enhance visibility by wearing reflective or bright clothing. You can keeping your headlights on even while riding during the day. Remember to use hand signals and turn signals and avoid other drivers’ blind spots.

Watch out for road hazards

Any driver is susceptible to road accidents, regardless of the vehicle they ride. The risk runs a tad higher for bikers because even a small hazard can lead to mishaps. Watch out for road hazards like bumps and potholes. Driving defensively is a good way to anticipate traffic problems and steer clear of hazards. Also, cross railroad tracks and navigate through high-traffic zones carefully.

Safety should be on top of your mind every time you are on the road. It is even more crucial for new motorcycle riders because the risk of accidents and injuries is high for them. Besides practicing caution, ensure that your vehicle is in good condition at all times. Follow these simple tips, and ride stress-free!

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