Belarusian-American startup Oyper launched visual search for footwear with the largest Russian retailer Rendez-Vous

The developers of the Belarusian-American startup Oyper reported that on March, the technology for visual search for shoes by image was released on the website of the largest Russian retailer Rendez-Vous.

startup Oyper launched visual search for footwear

Oyper technology is a B2B solution for fashion e-commerce retailers. Visual search for clothes / footwear by image can be used to attract customers. Oyper functionality is being implemented on the retailer’s website; a potential buyer clicks on the camera icon in the search bar, downloads an image of the wardrobe item that he would like to purchase, and selects from the proposed options. Now you do not need to browse the entire catalog.


Now, online stores and marketplaces will be able to join the project and receive targeted customers. You can test computer vision technology on the Rendez-Vous website. Technology works as follows:

    1. Take a screenshot or photo of the item of your wardrobe. This pair of shoes will subsequently be processed by the Oyper neural network.
    2. Click on the camera icon in the search bar on the site and upload a photo.
    3. Get a selection of similar pairs of shoes and choose the one you want. Order it in one click!

Upload a photo of a specific item to the site, not a whole image. This will help you find the most similar products.

startup Oyper launched visual search for footwear

Thanks to the technology visual search for shoes / clothes by image, you no longer need to look the entire catalog. Has this ever happened to you: in the evening you are browsing your Instagram feed and suddenly notice amazing shoes that you just want to buy? This may not happen to you very often, but Oyper’s technology solves the search problem. It helps you quickly find and buy things like celebrities, bloggers and other stylish people.

To join the project, send an application to hello@oyper.com

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