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In the era of internet marketing, television ads, email campaigns, and online stores, most people are bombarded by more information than we can reasonably handle. This can certainly be both a weakness and a strength whenever a new product is introduced to the market, but how should you market your product to maximize your success?

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With all the internet marketing going around, having something physical to market your product, like clothing, hats, water bottles, etc. can be really helpful. Commonly called swag, physical products that sport your logo are a very effective way to get the word out about your business.

Something to Touch

If you market your brand by placing your logo on caps, t-shirts, tote bags, and other physical items, you can invoke something in potential buyers. If someone is invested enough in your company to receive a t-shirt that shows off your brand, you know that they love it. The customer doesn’t just want to use your product or service, they want to show it off to the world.

It’s brand loyalty, and the people who will use your totes, shirts, water bottles, and whatever will probably be some of your best customers. Additionally, things like shirts and baseball caps will be used over and over again, and every time someone wears your shirt, they will be thinking of you and showing off your brand.

How to Design Them

If you have a business, then chances are you have a logo or piece of art representing what your company is about. That is why it is worth knowing what does swag mean in marketing. You can take that logo and place it on any item you want to give away to promote your business.

You’ll know what type of items your customers would potentially want, but some of the most common designs are for t-shirts and caps. Be creative when thinking of potential swag and consider unusual items that your customers are likely to find useful. Flour sack tea towels, for example, might be a great choice if the product or service you’re selling is related to the home.

Designing an item isn’t as hard as most people think, particularly with the help of the internet and sites that make it easy to create personalized swag. For example, you can design a tea towel on this website, with the promise that it will turn out amazing.

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Think About Your Customer

While some physical items are universal in their appeal, such as t-shirts and baseball caps, you might have to branch out to new ideas depending on your customer base. For example, a tote or tea towel displaying your business logo might not be the best idea if your business caters to construction workers. But, you might be able to put your logo on hardhats or toolboxes.

Focus on your target audience and do your best to think about things that they would use on a regular basis, then you’ll create something they can’t live without.

Make a list of your customer base and then figure out what those customers might use. You can put a logo on just about anything, so think outside the box and then get designing.

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You Have a Product. Now What?

You’ve got your design, you’ve got your product, and you know your customers will use it. So, what happens now? Well, think about how you would like to give the items away. Do customers get a free t-shirt with every purchase over a certain amount? Is it part of your marketing funnel to give something away for free? Or do they have to purchase your memorabilia?

The barrier for getting your product should be pretty low. After all the product does advertise your business. Your job is to get the t-shirt or cap or towel, covered in your logo and into the hands of your customers as soon as possible. Then they’ll be able to market your logo whenever they use the product and be reminded of your business.

Use Your Own Materials

Finally, while it might seem a bit silly to wear your own merchandise, having a company t-shirt can also help with marketing. By making your brand seem like a family, you’ll not only promote friendship among your employees, but anyone who walks inside your store and sees matching shirts will probably want one themselves.

Use Physical Marketing

Marketing with physical items is easy to do, and it has several benefits that things like email campaigns and other virtual forms of marketing don’t. By giving your customers a physical item with your logo on it, you’ll be able to not only market to them, but also to anyone else who sees your logo.

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