A Couple of Tips if You Have Plans to Sell Your Property

Selling the house or apartment you have lived in for years can be a somewhat stressful experience. However, if you manage to get a good price for your property that would significantly assuage the pain of moving away.

If you have plans to sell property in Sydney in the foreseeable future, here are a couple of tips on how to prepare the home for sale and ultimately increase its market value. And don’t worry; most of our suggestions are DIY projects so you won’t have to spend a fortune sprucing up your property for sale. For sure, we all would love get cash for houses fast.

You Have Plans to Sell Your Property

Consider Boosting Curb Appeal

When prospective buyers arrive by car and park in the driveway, the front façade is the first thing they’ll see. In order to leave a great first impression, take the time to spruce up the façade a bit. Start boosting curb appeal by pressure-washing the driveway and get rid of weeds growing between concrete tiles. If the gravel got depleted from the walkway leading to the house, be sure to replenish it (ideally, you should do this every 6 months).

As far as the front door is concerned, simply repainting the wood or metal should do the trick. You can add a gasket in front of the door to prevent the draft, which is a detail that won’t escape the discerning eye of prospective buyers. Furthermore, you can tear off the old house number and go for figures of a more modern design that are illuminated at night by LED lights.

Finally, the lawn should be as verdant as possible if you are selling the house in spring or summer. A row of colorful flowers along the walkways should add to the overall appeal of plant life. Once prospective buyers stand in amazement before they enter the house, you know that the curb appeal of your house is doing its job.

You Have Plans to Sell Your Property indoor plants

The Importance of Plants inside the House

Apart from lush greenery outside the house, in the driveway and in the backyard, you should add plant life inside the house as well. There is no better sign for a person interested in buying your property that it’s been well looked after than a living room full of lush plant life. A flower pot here and there will definitely create an atmosphere that will attract prospective buyers.

Handles and Knobs

You might not be aware of it but the tens of handles, grips, and knobs have a huge impact on the overall décor of your home. After years of wear and tear, complete with only occasional wiping, brass handles lose the shine they once had. Staging the house with dirty and/or corroded handles is a nearly impossible task!

Cleaning and polishing handles and knobs throughout the house will not only kill all the viruses (the topical coronavirus seems to love metal surfaces) but it reinvigorates the entire property. Just imagine the effect well-polished handles on kitchen cabinets leave on people who are interested in buying your property. Needless to say, repair and replace missing handles while you’re there.

Take the Time to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

As any Northern Beaches lawyer dealing in property transactions will tell you, selling your home without some sort of involvement from a real estate is not a good idea. Admittedly, a bad realtor can cause a lot of trouble, even bringing down the market value of your house! For this reason, you should search long and far for the right real estate agent that can help you get the most out of your property.

Start your search for a competent realtor by asking friends, family, and colleagues have they had a positive experience with real state agencies. The ideal real estate agent will be friendly, experienced, outgoing, and most importantly, knowledgeable of the New South Wales real estate market.

Take the Time to Declutter Your Home

Once you track down a real estate agent whose services you are satisfied with, you shouldn’t make their job difficult. Keep sprucing up your house in accordance with the advice listed here and be sure to get rid of clutter. Just as plants are indicators of orderliness, clutter is a clear sign to buyers that the house isn’t maintained particularly well.

In their eyes, scattered newspapers, dirty laundry on the bathroom floor, and shelves stacked with all sorts of knick-knacks are indicative that something more serious might be wrong with your property. In order not to lose money when selling your house or apartment, take the time to declutter the premises.

Don’t Take it Personally

We’ve mentioned in the introduction that parting from your home can be somewhat stressful but there is one trick that will help you ease the pain and get more money in the end. Removing all personal items from the house, such as family photos, children’s drawings on the fridge, grandma’s old chair, etc. will help buyers get a better sense of space. Moreover, once you remove everything that reminds you of the good old times will help you make the transition smoother.

You Have Plans to Sell Your Property

The Power of Neutral Colors

You are probably thinking that the new owner should foot the bill for painting the walls, right? Well, you are wrong because you can get more money if you paint the walls in neutral colors, like white or light green. In general, don’t overpersonalize the color palette inside the house.

These were the most important tips to get you through the process of selling your property. As you have seen, most interventions on the residential structure are simple and cheap but they promise to bring in extra cash once the realtor tracks down the perfect buyer.

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