9 Hacks That Can Extend the Life of Your New School Laptop

Are you currently looking for a new school laptop? Do you want to make sure that the investment you make is smart and lasts as long as possible? Laptops often end up having a shorter lifespan than a traditional desktop, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By using these hacks you’ll be able to extend the life of your new school laptop.

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Be Mindful of Where You Store It When Not In Use

Did you know that where you store your laptop when not in use will play a big role in its lifespan? Experts always suggest you keep it in a cool dry spot and out of direct sunlight. You don’t want it overheating.

Clean Your Laptop Regularly, Never Let Things Build Up

Rather than waiting until your laptop is dirty, it’s better practice to give it a light cleaning daily. Typically all that’s needed is dusting, but if you have any spills or stains you’ll want to address them immediately. For deeper cleaning, you can purchase products that will blow the dust out from the keyboard.

Keep Food and Drink Away from the Laptop

This tip is easier said than done because most people tend to have a snack within reach while working. The problem is that should that snack or drink spill onto the keyboard, you can create quite the mess and even damage it so extensively that it no longer works.

Go Easy on the Keyboard

Going easy on the keyboard doesn’t mean you have to be afraid to touch the keys, it just means that you don’t press them too aggressively. Show a little restraint and treat it more gingerly than you would a standard desktop computer.

Don’t Leave It Somewhere It Could Fall

One of the best things about laptops is how lightweight and portable they are, which means you will likely use them throughout the house. Just be sure that wherever you set it – whether it’s in use or not – that it is safe. If it’s too close to the edge of a table, then it could fall which will be disastrous.

Shut It Down Once in a While

This particular tip requires you to make a judgement call. While it’s not good or necessary to shut your laptop down each time it’s not in use, at the same time it’s good to do it once in a while. Shutting it down periodically allows the update to be configured. Experts tend to agree that shutting it down fully every two to three days is a perfect schedule. For the rest of the time when it’s not in use, it should be in sleep mode.

Always Perform Updates When Offered

Speaking of updates, this is another important aspect of prolonging the lifespan of your device. Any time updates and maintenance are suggested, you need to do them. These help to keep your laptop in good working condition, safe and secure.

Buy a Laptop That Can Handle Your Needs

You also need to think about what kind of features and specs you need in a laptop so that it can handle the tasks with ease. If you overload and stress the laptop, you can bet it won’t last as long.

Ask yourself if the laptop will be used mainly for school and nothing else, or if you need it to be more well-rounded. You can check out these Lenovo school laptops to get a better sense of what the key features are.

Transport It with Care

The final tip is to transport your laptop with care whenever on the go. This means using a good quality laptop bag or case that cushions the device, keeps it secure, keeps it protected and is water-resistant.

Using all of these tips will ensure that you get a long lifespan out of your new laptop.

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