8 Essay Writing Tips Every College Student Should Follow

There are multiple ways to write an essay, and thus multiple ways to get good grades in it. However, with so much information on the topic available online, it can be hard to know what kind of tips are right for you. That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite eight essay writing tips every college student should follow in order to boost their grade.

Essay Writing Tips
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1 Choose a good topic

Choosing a good topic is the most important step of essay writing. Remember that it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Make sure to choose a well-known topic with enough room for an in-depth analysis of different viewpoints, arguments, and opinions. The best way to start brainstorming topics is by asking yourself questions like: What’s something I’m passionate about? or What do I want to learn more about?

2 Do your research

Researching will help you come up with ideas for your essay and it will also give you the necessary information to create an effective essay. It is important to know the subject that you are writing about, including which books or articles would be helpful. Remember: plagiarism is never okay. Since you don’t want to buy essay, you should always use your own words; not just copying sentences from other sources. The bottom line is this- if you’re not sure whether something is yours or someone else’s- then it’s not yours!

3 Create an outline

Create an outline and determine which type of essay you are writing. Is your essay analytical, expository, persuasive or narrative? If you are writing an analytical essay, start with the thesis statement that gives a topic sentence for each paragraph. In this type of essay, it is important to present opposing viewpoints and give evidence to support your claim. For a narrative essay, think about your protagonist’s motivation and what obstacles they overcame during their journey.

4 Write a catchy introduction

Write a catchy introduction. The first sentence is the most important because it sets the tone for your essay. Showcase your personality and creativity by using an attention-grabbing opening line. Some common first sentences include: I’ve always been an introvert, or To all my friends who have been there for me this year, thank you from the bottom of my heart. A catchy introduction will catch the reader’s attention and get them interested in reading more.

5 Use transitions

Make use of transitions when you are writing your essay. You want to be clear about where one thought ends and the next begins. Without transitions, it is easy for the reader to get lost in what you are trying to say. It is like driving a car without any traffic lights; you may end up going into an intersection at a red light because you cannot see the other cars on the road.

6 Write a strong conclusion

Write a strong conclusion that leaves the reader thinking about what you said. Be sure to end your essay with something the reader will remember, whether it is an anecdote, quote or suggestion for how to address the issue you discussed. The goal is for the reader to have a clear idea of your position and be compelled to think about it more after reading your essay.

7 Edit and proofread your essay

Even if you Payforessay, edit and proofread your essay to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Remember, not only will you have a more polished final product, but an essay with fewer errors is more likely to be read and accepted. Additionally, if you were able to keep track of your sources when researching for this paper, make sure you cite them properly in the body of your essay so they can receive credit.

8 Get feedback from others

Get feedback from others who are skilled in writing and see what they have to say. You can also get feedback from your peers or visit https://assistsuite.com/outlining-techniques-for-students/ for help. Make sure that you take the time to consider their input. If it seems like there are too many revisions to make, consider scrapping the essay and starting over with a fresh perspective. Keep trying until you’re happy with your work!


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