7 Trends To Watch For In Fleet Management And Trucking Industry In 2020

Fleet management is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s constantly evolving as time goes by. In 2019, we saw major releases happen in the sectors of electric cars, e-scooters, trucks, and freight services. Even though the trucking sector has been operating for long, the industry’s trends are forcing it to pick up the pace. This means that vendors and companies are making upgrades to trucking technology and solutions.

From mitigating risks associated with congested traffic networks, cutting costs, and optimizing fuel usage to making deliveries on time, we’ll discuss various aspects of fleet management along with the trends related to them. Here’s a list of the top 7 trends to watch out for in late 2020.

1. Efficient Data Management

Installing fleet management software means dealing with huge volumes of data. AI Dashcams and wireless telematics solutions are helping in monitoring driver’s activities along with making sure that fuel spend is optimized. As new improvements are being made in this domain, this means that fleets will be equipped to deal with unstructured data chunks organizing them and cutting through the clutter.

Fleet Management And Trucking Industry
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Every software out there comes in different packages and have their own set of features. But the ones you want to keep an eye out for are those that include GPS and driver camsconnectivity options. If you’re new to fleet management solutions and don’t know what is GPS or how it’s used with telematics – read this.

2. 5G Networks & Wireless Connectivity

5G’s potential is already being realized in the realm of self-driving cars. The potential is unlimited, and it lets fleet vehicles connect instantly over networks and get help. Bundle in AI technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms, and you’ll have trucks make split-second decisions during times when drivers forget to hit the brakes or accelerate fast. The sensors installed in the vehicles, along with 5G internet connectivity, take full control and will facilitate a smooth driving experience.

3. Changes In Regulatory Policies

Fleet managers have been working on staying compliant since the ELD mandate came into effect. However, several major changes were made by policymakers after a careful review. With the introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and amendments to policies like the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and CSA Scoring Guidelines, we can expect to see changes in the ways data is collected from vehicles and stored.

Be sure to be aware of your rights to data privacy when purchasing fleet monitoring solutions and consult technology providers about how the changes to these policies will affect your fleet’s standing and overall status.

4. Continuing Education For Drivers

As fleet managers are studying up on how to stay on track with industry trends, the drivers will have to do their part too. This means more study guides and training materials for truckers. Technology vendors are providing different learning mediums like podcasts, webinars, and video tutorials to educate drivers and help them navigate through fleet management technology. From learning to work with AI software to operating dashcams and running quality checks on vehicles, the software does more than just train them.

Your drivers will get to know more about the industry, especially if they’re just starting out. And vendors are upping their game by providing exceptional customer support for any queries, which means you can ask questions.

As a bonus, here’s a list of our favorite trucking resources for news, industry updates, and more below:

• Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT), All That’s Trucking Blog – This website talks about the safety of drivers, fleet management equipment, and in-depth content related to heavy-duty trucking features.

• The WorkSAFE Podcast – A podcast show that covers industry interviews and influencers, trucking safety practices, technology advancements, and more.

• Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition – Ever wanted to learn how to build a trucking company from scratch and grow it? Then this podcast is for you.

• Iowa Motor Truck Association – This resource provides statistics, case studies, and published reports about the trucking industry. Don’t miss out on their webinars as they cover news about the ELD mandate, policy changes, and legal coverage.



5. Health & Safety Practices

As men and women grow in numbers and become employees in the industry, companies are working on improving their health and safety standards. Women tend to eat right, workout, and take better care of themselves than men. With that in mind, fleet managers are working towards fostering a work culture where employees find ways to stay active on the road and eat healthy.

Having lunch with the drivers, orientation meetings, and doing routine check-ins about the challenges they’re facing on the road, mental health, food budgeting, etc. – these are being worked on. And when employees are healthier and happier, companies tend to grow more.

6. Incentivizing Drivers 

For drivers who are doing a good job on the road and going the extra mile for customers, vendors include features in telematics packages that provide incentives. This could be something as simple as a bonus payout or extra lunch money for doing more deliveries than the required quota for the day.

There are many millennials interested in working for companies that reward them for their hard work. Besides providing incentives, referral coupon codes are being included in fleet solutions so that employees can recommend their friends to sign up and grow along with the fleet. For brands that are short-staffed and need to grow quickly, this is a trend that’s catching on fast.

Fleet Management And Trucking Industry
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7. Telematics Technology

Telematics technology is growing and working towards various aspects of automating fleet management. From sending reports automatically to managers, rendering data visualizations about historical fleet data and trends, etc., telematics solutions are letting fleet managers run A/B split tests on fleet management strategies. These solutions are ensuring constant communication and syncing of data on the cloud, thus giving greater visibility and on a granular level too. Samsara is one of the industry pioneers in the field and has been experiencing great success.


If you’re considering expanding your fleet or improving your company’s work culture, these are the trends you should watch out for. Granted, it takes time to grow but being aware of technology and industry advancements will help you get there sooner. Focus on showcasing the perks of working for your brand online, keep up-to-date with the industry trends, news, and do the best for your drivers when it comes to work perks and career advancement opportunities. You’ll do good.

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