7 Free Platforms to Market Your Art Online

The process of creating art is time-consuming and takes effort. Marketing is not easy, either. The equation of getting your art on the market is not as easy as it was earlier, with competition sweeping everywhere, plenty of social media exposure, and established artists in the game. It is difficult to make your product stand out. Well, you might have invested your time and resources in creating a website, but getting traffic on the same is another story altogether. Art marketing is not easy, especially for the artists that are in the constant creative process of making art. The entire idea of marketing might be foreign to them, or at least something they don’t enjoy as much.

 Free Platforms to Market Your Art Online
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What may be useful or even a game-changer to your selling game online is getting hooked with some platforms. These platforms have a good clientele and might give you enough exposure. So the chances of selling are high, and what’s more, most of these platforms won’t charge you unless you sell. So, it is a total win-win situation. If you want to take advantage of these platforms, here is a comprehensive list of websites that are in business and can give you much-desired results.

1. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is one of the most prominent art marketing platforms out there. Saatchi art displays an artist’s work free of cost and gives an artist a cut of sixty-five percent, once they make a sale. They exhibit outstanding work in a featured section. However, the competition is intense as there are a considerable number of artist who is a part of the community. But, you may benefit from the effort they make in the marketing by organizing events and sending across art magazines to their clientele. Saatchi art also takes responsibility for the delivery part of the artwork sold. You can register with them by filling a form on their official website.

2. Facebook

As an artist, you may very well understand the importance of going local. Sometimes, the significant selling you make is often from your close group of networks. These people also turn out to be returning customers for your product. Displaying your art on an exclusive business page on Facebook and linking it to your account will help you sustain a continual relationship with your existing customers as well as your close group of networks. A Facebook business page is free of cost, and you only pay if you intend to run paid advertisements. Imagine the power of networking if every individual from your friend list shares your work and help you reach out to more people.

 Free Platforms to Market Your Art Online
Image Credit: Unsplash.com

3. Pinterest

One of the most effective tools for art marketing is Pinterest for multiple reasons. A massive majority of people look for art and craft ideas and pin their favorites. If your product is appealing to many, it can be pinned over and again. Anyone can click on a pin and source back to your website to make a purchase. This platform runs more on the concept of word of mouth, which means if your art gets pinned and talked about, more significant are the chances of you will top the rankings and maximize your chances of a sale.

4. Etsy

Etsy is yet another platform that is dedicated to craft and craftsmanship. Artists and small entrepreneurs from all across the globe are making great money by setting up a virtual shop on this platform. The setting up of the shop is free of cost. Etsy charges you a commission on your sales, however listing several items is free. Since the primary focus of this platform is on selling, people visit this website hugely to buy or appreciate art. If you are an artist who is willing to sell, you might not want to miss out on this one.

5. Absolut Art

This platform is an initiative of the brand absolut. It is a launchpad for the present-time artists who wish to launch their work on a curated platform. Absolut art focuses on displaying unique and exclusive work on their website, so the screening process is a little tricky. But, it is an excellent opportunity to share space with renowned names in the field at no cost. Once your product gets sold, your cut-off remains fifty percent while the company takes responsibility for delivering your art in high-quality print and framing.

6. Fiverr

If you are into digital art and are looking to customize as per your client’s need, then Fiverr might be the right kind of platform for you. This customer-centric platform connects the buyer and seller, where the clients can dictate their unique needs to the artist. From posters to magazine covers, you may find tons of work options with no setup cost.

7. Instagram

Popularly a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has gradually turned out to be a boon for artists and small business owners. Instagram is all about building a network, and if your craft is good, there is no turning back. The trick is to go creative with your page post, make efficient use of the hashtags, and several in-app activities like a collaboration with other artists that can fetch you a good deal of exposure. Apart from some general guidelines, there are no limits to how you can put your products out there.

Final Thoughts

As an art seller, you might not want to leave any stone unturned. Even if your product is outstanding, it may require some time to move. However, these websites can help you in breaking that stagnancy. If you back your work by good customer feedback on these platforms, it can help you fetch good brownie points.

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