5 Useful Tips You Will Need For Choosing Label Solution For Your Business

When launching your business, branding plays a crucial role in marketing it. You will therefore need some of the great label options to choose from when assessing factors like durability and printing design. Chemical resistant labels to be specific are highly important in the market today for reasons like replacing the expensive over lamination method. These labels also support your business brand and are customizable in terms of shape, size and quality. You only need to figure out the durability aspect when choosing the best chemical resistant labels solution for your business through assessing the following factors in your search for one.


Product mobility

By observing the areas where your products will be used or stored, you can determine two things, the best label material to use and the printing solution that best fits your needs. This means that you have to predict some of the places where your products will be spending most time before arriving at the label solution to use.  Thermal transfer synthetic materials are useful in improving not just the flexibility but also durability of the label you choose. Remember that long term goals must be addressed in your search for quality labels otherwise your products will reach the consumers without labeling.

Environmental demands

Before deciding the right label, you must assess where it will be and the conditions around it. Environmental needs vary from time to time and you should assess the same in the following criteria. Weather and temperature which is the first section matter because adhesive property matters for labels. Your labels should be able to adjust and also work for products stored in diverse environments. Secondly you should assess environmental demands in terms of abrasion and chemical resistance. Consider labels that are large and with high resin concentration to attain the durability needed. This is necessary because labels have been found to damage easily when exposed to abrasion.


A lot of factors affect the durability of a label and that is exactly why you must try to weight the options on your shortlist before choosing. Supposing the labels have to be used for less than 6 months, you might consider settling for direct thermal material. This is however, if the environment it exists in has standard temperatures and also a dry environment away from any form of wetness. Shipping demands that you have such strong labels as there is no telling when the merchandise shipped will be arriving at the desired destination.

Printer and label quality

By when do you need your labels as a business? Some labels need time printing and that means handling the project earlier enough before the labels need to be used. In order to make sure the print speed matches the label material used, consider choosing high-speed wax ribbon to print faster than 12 ips (Inches per Second). This is because most synthetic material is not able to print quality labels above 6 inches per second. Use various guides given on the internet to know the determinants of high quality labels.

Surface type to label

You should know that labels and label adhesives differ in their structure. To determine the right label solution, consider the surface material of the same. You must also ascertain factors like the size and shape of the labels you need to mitigate wasting a new budget on new labels.by checking the material of the label and the surface where it is to be used on, you can avoid the poor and non-durable options.  Consider doing your research first to avoid making obvious blunders you cannot come back from.

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