5 Reasons to Consider Moving to Qatar for Work

Qatar is not only one of the biggest exporters of oil NATURAL GAS in the world, with immense oil reserves and a key player in the oil industry for over six decades, but it also offers a huge range of career opportunities to anybody who wants to move there for work. Known as a land of riches, this country has the highest per capita income worldwide and there are plenty of other reasons to move there alongside the rich and lucrative career opportunities on offer.

Qatar for work
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The Lifestyle

While Qatar might be lacking somewhat compared to many other countries when it comes to cultural history and heritage, it certainly makes up for this with a modern, lavish lifestyle to offer. Doha’s skyline is growing rapidly and the thousands of ex-pats living here will agree that wealth and comfort is the norm. And, the cost of living is surprisingly quite low, with tourist attractions, transportation, accommodation and eating out all quite affordable.

The Hospitable Culture

The culture in Qatar is very hospitable and welcoming towards ex-pats, and it should be no time at all before you begin to feel like you fit in and have adapted well to the culture here. Unlike many other Middle Eastern countries, if you’re a non-Muslim living in Qatar you’ll have no problem drinking alcohol as long as you’re over 21, and there are no dress code norms for women, although everybody is expected to dress modestly in public places. Qatar has a high tolerance and respect for all religions and those with no religion; disrespect is taken very seriously. You can learn more about the culture and lifestyle in Qatar at Hello Qatar, a blog dedicated to traveling to Qatar, ex-pat life, sports, events, and more. Read more at www.helloqatar.co.

Tax-Free Salary

Taxes frustrate people in almost every country, but not for those who live and work in Qatar. Similar to many states in the Gulf, Qatar is among the very few countries in the world that do not demand income tax, meaning that you get to keep hold of every penny you earn.

It’s Safe

Before planning a relocation to any country for work, it’s crucial to think about your safety and that of your family. Qatar is a very safe destination to move your family too; in addition to encouraging a secure family base, Qatar takes providing citizens with a stable, secure social life very seriously. And, crime rates fall below the global average.

You’re Free to Go Home Whenever You Like

Qatar is a country working on the Kafala system, which obliges your employer to be a valid sponsor for you until the end of the tenure. If you leave the country, this is a decision that should be taken by both you and your sponsor, regardless of the reason. So, you’re free to return home to visit whenever you like or if you want to go back home for good at any point, that shouldn’t be a problem either as long as you have permission from your employer.

If you’re thinking of moving abroad for work, Qatar is a great opportunity for finding lucrative employment with an enjoyable culture to soak up.

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