11 Highly Effective Tips on How to Get a Degree & Working Experience At Once

The majority of students choose to work while doing their studies, and the reasons vary widely. The most popular reason is the wish to gain financial independence. However, employment gives you many more benefits than personal income.

working experience

• Experience

Let’s be realistic. Many recruiters want to see their employees with years of experience behind. To get it, you need to find a job, but you can’t do it without experience. That’s a common vicious circle, which you can break, having worked already at college.

• Real-world Skills

The practice will teach you what you can’t find on the textbook pages. You will definitely appreciate the opportunity to solve real-life issues and overcome theoretical restrictions. That’s where the knowledge transforms into a tangible result.

• Self-improvement

This benefit is unavoidable. You will never tackle both studies and work without improving organization and time management skills. You’ve got only 24 hours each day, which need to be used efficiently.

• Higher Grades

That’s a bonus and a result of previous pros. With real-life knowledge, new skills, and new-gained qualities., you are likely to increase your overall productivity and, thus, your progress at school.

If it looks quite challenging to you, learn these 11 highly effective tips on how to get a degree & working experience at once.

How to Get a Degree

1. Don’t be Shy to Ask for Help

You take over a great responsibility for your progress in studies, implementing a new activity. It requires a lot of energy, both physical and mental strength, and it’s never disgraceful to ask somebody for help. For instance, you can let qualified professionals from EssayPro fulfill your writing tasks, so you don’t have to worry about your essays’ quality.

2. Work in Your Field

If you only need money, it is okay to work at any place you can find. But actually, it would be much better to practice in the field of your studies to improve your knowledge and make more progress. Or at least try to dedicate time and energy to what you really love.

3. Make Studies a Priority

Even if you are in love with your new job, don’t forget that college is always more important. Talk to your employer and let him know about your intentions and school schedule. Discuss days you can be available at, make it possible to take a couple of days off before exams, etc.

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4. Take Care of Yourself

The key point here is to remember your own well-being. Don’t sacrifice your sleep and eating habits for your business. It’s vitally important to track your sleep quality so that your brain functions well and can process those tons of information every day.

5. Technology is Your Best Friend

It has never been so easy to get distracted, as at the age of technology. But you can turn your device into your 24/7 support by using productivity apps such as Forest, Evernote, Grammarly, etc. to make your working and studying environment more comfortable and effective.

6. Use Your Free Time Wisely

Surely, you’ll have little free time if you combine such activities. They consume all your life energy and make your brain hurt because of informational pressure. Take some time to unplug, meditate, do what you enjoy, meet friends, spend time with family, so you can turn back to your tasks refreshed and inspired.

How to Get a Degree studies and job

7. Identify Your Comfort Zone

People say you should always leave your comfort zone in order to move on. But now, it’s not the case. Here, you should find the place where you feel tuned in to work. It can be a public library, a cozy cafe with some pleasant music, or maybe your own room, clean and without distractors.

8. Be Realistic

Manage your expectations and don’t demand too much from yourself. Otherwise, you will get burnt out, which is a serious obstacle on the way to success. Set realistic goals and don’t forget about self care.

9. Stay Organized

Yes, you really need to get some organizing skills to deal with all that stuff. On the internet, you can find a bunch of methods to plan your tasks and fulfill them successfully. It can be a paper planner or a bullet journal with the infinite space to customize it, calendars, apps, or software.

10. Do Homework at Work

If your job doesn’t require you to stay busy every minute, there is always some free time during routine tasks. Use these minutes or even hours wisely by dedicating time to homework. Stay productive and self-helpful at once.

11. Reward Yourself

It’s really important to see the progress and understand that some difficult things are worth spending so much time and energy. Focus on a bigger goal, but notice some smaller achievements and celebrate them. That’s what will help you stay motivated.

Final Words

It’s possible to combine studies and work, all you need is to start following these basic principles. Remember about your ultimate goal and visualize the result you expect. Make it your leading star and believe in yourself.

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