Best Places to Buy Housewarming Gifts

Your best friend just moved into a new home. Maybe your teenager just got her dorm assignment at college. Your parents could have just purchased a retirement home in Florida. Whatever the case, a housewarming gift is in order. You don’t want a run-of-the-mill gift, though. You want something unique and personal. Here are 9 great ideas for housewarming gifts and the place to purchase them:

Best Places to Buy Housewarming Gifts
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1 Personalized Coasters

Nobody wants water stains on their new furniture in their new home. Beautiful custom coasters make unique housewarming gifts. Personalized coasters of marble, slate, wood, and even leather can be found on Etsy. Choose a combination wood and marble coaster set from LightspeedLaserco for a perfect gift.

2 Sand Timers

Instead of a clock, why not purchase something a bit more unusual for a housewarming gift? Sand timers from OrgaNice are whimsical gifts that remind new homeowners to take a break from unpacking and organizing. This beautiful pair of glass timers have wooden bases. The large one counts down 30 minutes in black sand. The smaller counts 5 minutes in white sand.

3 Sugar Cookies

Personalized sugar cookies from Just4YouTreats are some of the best housewarming gifts you can give. One dozen 3-4 inch high cookies are handmade and decorated with royal icing in different home designs.

4 Throw Pillows

Personalized housewarming gifts show that you put some thought and effort into a purchase. Customized photo pillows can feature any pictures you choose. Make it a family picture for a college student. It could be a travel photo of you and your best friend. You can create a collage of multiple pictures. This is one of the best housewarming gifts to show how much you care.

5 Wine Cooler

A bottle of wine is a standard housewarming gift. Take it up a notch by adding in a marble wine cooler from Crate and Barrel. Classy and elegant, this gift will keep on giving. The cooler is first chilled. The wine bottle is then placed inside, chilling the wine slowly while it breathes. The beautiful white and gray marble cylinder is also a perfect vase for cut flowers. This is one of the finer unique housewarming gifts when it’s paired up with a fabulous bottle of wine. You could go a step further and personalize a wine label for the new homeowners.



6 Blessings Stone

A Hamsa blessing stone from Bluenoemi is a perfect way to send your blessings to a new home. The Hamsa (open hand) is symbolic of protection. Seven blessings are inscribed on the hand. They include: happiness, life, fertility, health, love, luck and success. The new homeowners will love receiving these blessings from you. The Hamsa stone is encrusted with semi precious stones in reds, purples, and blues. These royal colors add a regal touch to any room.

7 Cutting Boards

Does your friend absolutely love your homemade peanut butter cookies? Have your favorite hand-written recipe engraved on a wooden cutting board. These personalized housewarming gifts will warm the heart of your friends or loved ones. The recipe will be a cherished reminder of your thoughtfulness. The thick bamboo wood will last for years. These engraved cutting boards are available from the Wedding Collectibles Store.

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