Best Body Lotions And Creams To Moisturize Dry Skin

A hot shower may feel great every morning, but it takes away the moisture from your skin within minutes. So, it is essential to lock in that moisture by hydrating it with lotions or creams. A moisturization routine may take up some additional time, but following it regularly can have lasting benefits. Moisturizing dry skin helps reduce skin problems (like acne, blemishes, wrinkles, dull complexion), slow aging signs, and protection from harsh sun rays or other destructive environmental elements. Healthy skin cells also play a significant role in boosting the dermal layer repair mechanism so that the risks of diseases like skin cancer can be avoided.

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Body Lotions And Creams To Moisturize Dry Skin
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Body Lotions And Creams Available To Moisturize Dry Skin

To take care of dry skin, you can look for suitable moisturizers available at discounted or affordable prices. You can also choose from different hydrating components like glycerin, shea butter, cocoa butter, or varied fragrances that suit the skin and help you feel relaxed. In addition to Bath and Body Works, you can buy moisturizers from brands like The Body Shop, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Lush, Ulta, etc. The various categories of products that will help you keep dry skin at bay are as follows:

Body Lotion

Lotions have exceptional nourishing formulas that act as waterproof barriers to seal moisture, repair and rehydrate dry skin, treat and prevent irritation by providing relief to itchy skin. It also helps to protect skin from extreme climate, chemicals, and environmental irritants.

Body Cream

These are slightly thicker than lotions and hydrate skin quickly without leaving a greasy layer. They are made with the super-rich, extra moisturizing formulas that help seal moisture in dry conditions and winter seasons. Special creams only suitable for sensitive facial skin are also available.

Hydrating Cream

These creams have water-based components that help to hydrate and soothe skin by locking in moisture throughout the day. They also help restore lost moisture, maintain hydration balance in dry skin types, prevent skin flakiness and dullness, and provide relief from skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema.

Day and Night Cream

Day creams protect skin when exposed to dirty or dusty conditions and help fight wrinkles by increasing creatinine levels. The sun protection factor (SPF) helps to shield skin from harmful radiations of the sun. Night creams get absorbed into the skin quickly and work overnight to help renew surface skin cells, revitalize complexion, improve skin firmness, and boost anti-aging.

Replenishing Creams

Even if you do not have dry skin, replenishing creams can be used to hydrate skin regularly and treat skin susceptible to atopic dermal conditions. It helps restore lost moisture from the skin and can be used with plant extracts to improve skin appearance.

Lip Care Products

The dermal layer of lips is thinner and extra sensitive than other parts of the body. It is prone to drying that may be caused by environmental issues or medical conditions. Hence it is necessary to use lip moisturizers, gloss, and balms to prevent chapping, cracking, and lip injuries.

Massage Oils

To ensure complete moisturization of skin, massage oils can be used with cleansers and exfoliators. These products help penetrate the protective barrier of the skin and release lipid components that provide maximum moisture retention and give a radiant glow to your skin.

To protect your skin from harm or avoid aggravating conditions like dryness, itchiness, acne, etc. it is essential to moisturize your skin. In addition to amazing products that will help you get flawless skin, you can benefit from several offers and deals on all brands, buy affordable products, and earn incredible savings on all purchases.

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Sephora allows users to use promo codes and earn bonus points during multiplier events. It also runs coupon offers for beauty insider members. They can get an opportunity to redeem free trial of face masks, moisturizers, skin toner, lip gloss, eye make-up products, fragrances, etc. with free shipping on all orders for all members. Victoria’s Secret has hand and body lotions, lip gloss, vanity case, beauty case or bag, mists, and body care products at discounted rates with free shipping deal for Victoria credit card users if order total exceeds $50.

Lush has handmade cosmetics and products like pressed conditioner, bath bombs, reusable bubble bottles, etc. at discounted and free shipping orders over $40. Ulta has ‘buy more save more’ deals where users can ‘buy one and get one at 50% discount’ on skincare, sun care, oils, lip gloss, moisture bath, and other products with free shipping on $35+ orders. There is also an online and in-store coupon deal offering $3.50 off on purchases of a minimum of $15.

All stores provide exclusive discounts to all users, extra benefits to new users, and many deals, offers, and discounted products on all orders. You can get regular updates about new products on signing up with your e-mail id, using promotional codes, or combining select offers to enjoy incredible savings and additional perks.

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