Why I included “Top Selling Amazon Growth Factor Serum” in My Skincare Kit?

At certain age, you begin to wonder what could help your face look a bit better. I mean younger. Yes, we women love doing weird things on different moon phases. One late evening I entered words “the best growth factor face serum” on Google to see if anything interesting appears online. Earlier I read that “growth factor” is used as an active anti-aging component in beauty products and especially in facelift serums. Today, I own a little bottle of “Medical Grade Skin Care PRP Growth Factor Facelift” serum and believe the Moon was full that evening.

Top Selling Amazon Growth Factor Serum review

I rarely write about products and I am not a big fan of innovative beauty products or so now called cosmeceuticals. Indeed, I am more into that all-natural-ingredients world. On the other hand, being nearly forty the face is not the one I used to see in a mirror few years ago. Have you ever heard that a woman does better research than the F.B.I.? That’s how I ended up writing this article on a “SkinPro PRP Growth Serum” for face. Actually, I dared to try an innovative beauty product that got me to dedicate some time to write down a review on it. One or the other way, I hope you will find my review helpful.

What works for aging face skin? I always say it is more like a rhetorical question, because we women are all and each different. What works for one lady may not bring any benefit to the other. Our bodies are diverse and react differently to different molecules. In other words, we should understand that human body is a very complex biological system. Modern science raises more and more questions on how it functions and everything is getting deeper and deeper, even reaching to quantum physics.

By having said so, I would like to tell you few things that took my attention to “Top Selling Amazon Growth Serum” also known as “Medical Grade Skin Care PRP Growth Factor Facelift” serum.

Old Good Jojoba Oil

As I said, I prefer more natural beauty products. Jojoba oil was always known to give a moisturizing effect. So I have a first plus for “SkinPro” serum in my mind. Jojoba oil helps clearing acne, shows anti-aging properties and reduces inflammation. All is that because the oil contains antioxidants coming from jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis).

Bingo! This “Medical Grade Skin Care” has Jojoba oil enriched little beads. You can see them as pink grains floating in the product. Actually, they melt when you rub a serum into a skin. Later I figured that jojoba beads disintegrate on impact, so I would advise to avoid shaking a serum bottle at all. First, I tested the serum on my hand. It felt moisturizing effect in couple of seconds while rubbing in. I rubbed it in to my face skin and it left me with pleasant moisturizing feeling. I believe those jojoba oil enriched beads to their work then.

Top Selling Amazon Growth Factor Serum

Collagen Stimulation

I have a knee problem for many years. Experienced two surgeries that have put me on life-time use of collagen. I am on and off a collagen periodically for nearly 26 years, as all happened when I was little. In addition, when I use collagen tablets my knee joint looses its stiffness and ache becomes much less intense. So, I do know what collagen does to our connecting tissues.

The second ‘bingo’ was when I saw “SkinPro” face serum containing Epidermal Growth Factor. Well, at current status my face definitely needs some collagen boost. A protein of Epidermal Growth Factor has shown to induce collage biosynthesis in the skin. The truth is, collagen is a protein that is the main component of our connective tissues. As our body is around 30 years of age collagen production starts to drop in the body. For this reason, our skin looses its elasticity and lines begin to appear. Collagen helps to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

Top Selling Amazon Growth Factor Serum

Innovative Beauty Product

“Medical Grade Skin Care PRP Growth Factor Facelift” serum is an innovative skincare product developed by cosmetic pharmacists. The reality is, today’s most anti-aging cosmetic products are made in labs by involving newest biopharmaceutical findings. Thus, beauty industry gained a new label – cosmeceuticals. In fact, molecular science makes possible what was impossible in the past. Now, skincare cosmetic products are able to affect our skin cells and their functions in order to make them to inhibit youthfulness in our appearance. As weird as it sounds, you can find facelift serums with isolated peptides, nanonized natural substances or antioxidant infusion systems. Medical grade face serums are capable to work from within the skin when applied on top of it.

I believe, science community has a better understanding on how our body and cells function and what really influences our aging process. They research and create beauty products that are based on biochemistry and lab work in molecular level. In my perception, we all should remember this fact when looking for skincare products. If it was a “growth factor” or jojoba oil enriched beads, somebody worked on them hard to produce as a facelift serum. In addition, people spend years studying before they receive, for example, PhD’s in biomedical science field. As a result, if my face skin feels moisturized and softer after I rubbed in a novel serum, I got what I needed. I call it a simple science. By the way, moisturizing does not mean your skin should become greasy. “SkinPro” facelift serum does not leave oily layer on my face skin. In contrast, most natural oils do, my face becomes shiny and reflects every light source near by. In my opinion, we should not be afraid including new things in our beauty regime. This time I ventured on “PRP Growth Serum” and got really lucky. Next time I can pick something different. Indeed, industry offers a good selection of innovative beauty products, go and find the ones that resonate with your skin best and make you a happy beautiful woman.

facelift Serum product review

In brief, beauty comes from within. In this new technology and science age youthfulness and natural beauty can be achieved by using innovate unique products that are on the cutting edge of cosmeceutical development. Why not? If results do not satisfy you, do another research and grab a product in different formula. Worth mentioning, that “SkinPro” do not test their products on animals. It has been certified a “Cruelty Free International” company and their skincare products are produced in FDA verified laboratories. For sure, you can return to natural organic skincare at any time or wait for some better skinceuticals to appear on the market. As beauty comes from within, you should include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, spend more time in wild nature and radiate a smile everywhere you go. Smile is the best makeup any girl can wear!

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