Why Are Closure Wigs So Attractive And Popular?

If you notice, there has been an increased demand for closure wigs, especially among women who don’t like full wigs, for many reasons. In this article, we will explore some of these reasons and, of course, the issues people have with closure wigs. Mind you, your choice of wigs can make or mar your look.

Closure Wigs So Attractive

What are Closure Wigs?

Closures are typical hairpieces designed to blend perfectly into your natural hair, and almost anyone who sees them will think that this type of hair grew from your scalp rather than a wig.

The closures are the invisible soft lace front wig with a hairline, center part, and bangs that can be styled in any way you desire. They come in small sizes, such as 4×4 inches or 5×5 inches.

The good thing is that closure wigs come in different styles and colors that suit your facial look and hair type. Closures are the best choice if you want to cover your bald spots. Nonetheless, as beautiful and stylish closure wigs can be, they have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a go at them, then.

Pros of Closure Wigs

Closure Wigs So Attractive


First, who wouldn’t like to save money? The answer is nobody. Nobody will pass up the opportunity to buy something affordable while simultaneously lasting longer. That’s what using closure wigs affords you. Moreover, this particular type of hair has a very long lifespan.


Closures are so realistic that you will easily mistake them for natural hair. With lace closure wigs, your natural hair is seamlessly fixed into the wig resulting in an original and natural-looking outcome.

Ability to be styled to your taste

When choosing closure wigs or any other type of wig, you must consider its suitability to your hair color and texture. Closure wigs offer a wide array of styling options. For instance, African-American women, their complexion ranges from very light tans to dark chocolate hues. There are closure wigs to match this skin color while giving you a stunning look.

Adaptability to any Hair Type

It is important that when you are looking for human wigs, you are conscious of your hair texture. Among the many hair textures available, from curly to kinky and wavy, two textures are familiar to black women: straight and body waves.

Closure Wigs can be a perfect fit for any of these hair types. Though with curly and kinky hair types, extra care will need to be done.

Minimal Hair Damage

Most closure wigs are pre-styled with certain body waves. Still, you can change the original style by straightening, curling, dyeing, and even bleaching without worrying about hair tangling or breaking. All you need to do is wash them, which will revert to their original style.

The relative ease of maintenance

Easy maintenance is another factor African-American women look out for when choosing hair. Closure wigs are easy to maintain because they are soft. However, you must wash this hair regularly, just like you will do with your natural hair.

Cons of Closure Wigs

It must be said that it isn’t all rose when it comes to closure wigs. There are certain turn-offs you might have to bear with when you purchase closure wigs. Some of them are:

Limited Types of Style

There are only three styles available for closure wigs. They are free-part, three-part, and the middle part. For a free part, you can style it from any part you want. For the middle part, you can only apply it from the middle. And, with the three-part, the closure wig can only be styled from only three parts. So, if you are a fan of ponytails, it won’t work with closure wigs.If you want to a high quality closure wig,you can try a HD lace closure wig.

Regular Adjustments

Using closure wigs means visiting the hairstylist regularly, once every two weeks or a month. This is because as your hair grows, it will disturb the inwardly sewn closure and pushes them up.

Demands Accuracy and Precision

Finding the right fit for your closure wigs can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t take proper head measurements or buy an already-made wig. Any mistake made during these measurements can ruin your closure wigs.

Who are better fitted for Closure Wigs?

If you are starting with using wigs, then choosing closure wigs is the right option since they are straightforward to handle. This is a stark contrast from frontal wigs that demand great skill to use them. For example, frontal wigs will need you to tweak, bleach, lace tint, and even trim to ensure that these frontals complement your scalp color and properly lap your hairline.

You also experience the ease of applying closure wigs because you don’t need glue to fit them to your scalp hair. For beginners, this is a huge plus. Because of this, you don’t need to visit a hair stylist to apply glue to keep these frontals attached, especially when closures are sewn in.

How Long can Closure Wigs Last?

Barring factors like hair quality, maintenance, and installation, which can reduce or increase lifespan, closure wigs should last an average of six months. However, if you wish to extend the lifespan of your closure wigs, you need to maintain them every two to four weeks.

Considering all of this, let’s discuss some factors that can affect the duration of a closure wig.

Choice of Hairdos

The choice of hairdo can significantly affect your closure. For example, blond closure wigs go through chemical treatments, as wavy body closures go through steam-heat treatments.

Type of Lace Material

The type of Lace is an essential factor that affects the durability of your wig closures. French laces, for instance, have a longer lifespan than Swiss laces as soft and breathable French laces are too transparent and can get torn under pressure compared to sturdy Swiss laces.

Hair Material Type

Your wig closures are as strong as the hair type. Synthetic materials don’t last long as human hair. While non-chemically-treated Remy hair can last up to six months, non-Remy hair will tangle in a short time.


For those who are beginners at wearing wigs, then closure wigs is an excellent option because it isn’t as confusing as other wig options.

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