Top Tips for Successful Laser Hair Removal

If you’re sick of having to head to the spa every few weeks for a wax, or you hate having to shave every single day, chances are you’ve considered laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is an excellent alternative to other hair removal methods, but it can be pricey so when you head in for your laser appointment you want to ensure you’re getting the most from your session. Here are some of the top tips for successful laser hair removal.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

First things first, what exactly is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal uses concentrated light directed at the hair follicles to destroy the hair. Much like other hair removal methods, laser hair removal targets unwanted hair on the face, legs, underarms, chin, bikini line, arms, back and more. Laser hair removal, however, can provide permanent reduction to up to 80% of unwanted hair, meaning you rarely if ever need to take those trips back to the spa to have smooth skin.

Things to Avoid Before Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking to get the most out of your laser hair removal sessions, there are some things you should do before heading to the spa.

1 Sun Exposure

To the best of your ability, you should avoid too much sun exposure to the area you’re looking to have laser hair removal on for at least a month. Tanned skin has more pigment making it closer to the colour and pigment levels of the hair that you want to target with laser hair removal. This makes it more difficult to obtain good results or may require you to postpone your treatments altogether.

2 Antibiotics and drugs that increase light sensitivity

You should avoid or postpone treatment if you have recently taken or are currently on a course of antibiotics or other medication that can increase sensitivity to light. In most cases you should wait at least 7 days after taking these medications to have laser hair removal and it is best to consult your doctor to ensure it’s safe to have this type of treatment if you are on a long-term antibiotic or medication with this side effect.

3 Plucking or waxing between appointments

Unlike with waxing, you do not need to avoid all hair removal before your session, but you should avoid removing the hair from the root by methods such as plucking or waxing for at least two weeks before your appointment. The laser targets the hair in the hair follicle so the root of the hair needs to be present in order for your treatment to work.

Go in With Proper Expectations

Laser hair removal has gotten a lot of attention in recent years as it’s become a more and more accessible service and hair removal alternative. With that has come some information that may not paint the full picture of what laser hair removal is.

1 Not all hair can be lasered

Laser hair removal is often talked about as if it is the solution to unwanted hair for anyone and everyone, but that is not the case. In fact, it’s always recommended that you find a med spa in Orlando or local to you that specializes in this cosmetic procedure so you can speak to a trained professional before booking your appointments to ensure that you are a good candidate.

Laser hair removal targets the pigment in the hair, meaning that those with lighter hair, may not see results from laser hair removal. This included blondes, white/gray, and red hair colours.

2 You’ll likely need multiple sessions

Laser hair removal is not a one and done treatment like waxing. Depending on the area you’re targeting, results typically take at least three sessions but it can be as many as seven to see the full results you’re looking to achieve.

3 You probably won’t see full hair reduction

Laser hair removal is not FDA approved for full and total hair reduction. In some cases you may find that your hair doesn’t grow back at all or growth is extremely minimal, but this has more to do with the person than the treatment itself. Laser hair removal will typically result in about 80% permanent hair reduction after three or more sessions.

4 Know the costs

The cost of laser hair removal is expensive, but you have to consider that price over time. While the upfront cost of laser may require you to save before booking your sessions, in the long-run the savings on waxing appointments and/or shaving supplies will be more than that upfront cost.

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