Top 4 Tips That Will Make Your Hair Dye Last Longer in The Summer

Don’t you love summer? During this period, people like to experiment with brighter colors.  Hence, if you have ever wanted to try a bold hair color, the timing could not be perfect. After making this transforming decision, you should visit your hairstylist to help you achieve your ideal look. It would help if you did not attempt to do a hair dye by yourself. Thus, these are the tips that will help your hair color last longer.

Your Hair Dye Last Longer in The Summer

Ensure You Use Appropriate Quality Products

After coloring your hair, it’s essential to take good care of it. You can get expert advice from professionals at balayage London. Try and use quality products that will ensure your dye does not fade. It would be best if you waited after at least forty-eight hours after getting a hair dye to apply shampoo, that is if it’s a must you wash it. However, try and give the hair like four days to allow the color to settle in.

You can also try and use a moisturizing conditioner instead of a shampoo. Applying shampoo removes your hair dye more than the conditioner. Anytime you decide to clean your hair, condition it with a color-protecting conditioner. Conditioning will make your hair look shiny and healthy hence protecting breakage.

When going for hair services, ensure you go to a stylist with top-notch products designed for colored hair. For your shampoo and conditioner, ensure they are free from some sulfate. This ingredient will strip your hair of its natural moisture and oils, leading to the color fading.

Using Updated Hair Coloring Techniques

It’s best to go for updated techniques such as balayage hair colouring instead of traditional ways of highlighting when dyeing. The new method allows the hairdresser to paint color on your hair, thus leading to a soft and natural look. Your hairstylist will also use plastic wraps instead of foils. The beauty of this new method is that it allows your hair to retain the color for approximately four months.

You can also do the touch-up tips once a year, making this technique economical and fun. Some of the benefits of the techniques are; it’s safe for allergic and pregnant women, its versatile and low maintenance.

Invest in a Good Hat

It’s best to protect your hair from the sun after coloring. When you expose your hair directly to the sunlight, the ultra-violet rays (UV), will fade your color shade. You can switch up the hats with a scarf for a stylish look. Even with a hat in place, it’s best to protect yourself against UV rays by conditioning your hair with ultraviolet protection products.

Your Hair Dye Last Longer in The Summer

Minimize Heat Exposure on Your Hair

After dying your hair, avoid using hot water when you shampoo. Instead, you should use lukewarm water. The hot water will open your hair cuticle hence draining the color when you shampoo and condition.

When spraying your hair, use sprays that protect your hair from heat. The spray will reduce the loss of moisture when using hot hair tools. It will also protect the hair from humidity after styling. Generally, heat damages hair by stripping it of hydration and color. It’s best to try and avoid hot tools such as blow dryers, especially in the first week, to prevent color fading faster.

Coloring your hair can be a fun process. To maintain the dye for a longer time, use a technique like balayage hair coloring. You can also reduce heat exposure on your hair, purchase good hats and scarfs, and use appropriate quality hair products.

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