The Essential Concealer Brush Guide

In any kind of industry, having the right tools is a must. If you’re beginning your makeup journey, a concealer brush should be the first thing on your learning list. Concealer brushes aren’t just handy when you want to finish off a flawless party look but help you combat signs of tiredness in your daily life. Since they come in various shapes, it might be tempting to settle for the most popular product but remember, you can’t master the art of makeup until you’ve learned the basics. This guide will help you find the concealer brush that suits your needs.

The Essential Concealer Brush Guide

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Synthetic vs Natural Bristles

Before we get into the details, let’s settle the debate: which type of bristles are better? As far as concealers go, the answer is simple. Since a concealer brush is used daily and natural bristles might be tricky to clean, a synthetic brush is the obvious choice. And don’t worry, synthetic bristles aren’t as bad as they sound; they’re typically as soft as the naturally made brushes and allow for even smoother application.

Basic Types of Brushes

Now, let’s move on to the more complicated part of this guide. How do concealer brushes vary?

1 Round Kabuki brush

Kabuki brushes originated in Japanese theatre where they were used to distribute face powder. And yes, as you’ve guessed, they’re great for applying powder-based foundation; their round size allows them to glow up your face fast and efficiently. Perfect if you can’t devote too much time to makeup. Just make sure you use circular movements to ensure it’s applied evenly and you’re good to go.

2 Flat Kabuki brush

This type of concealer brush works best with a liquid or cream-based foundation. Thanks to the shape of the flat bristles, the brush allows you to distribute the foundation evenly and is generally more precise than other types.

3 Tapered foundation brush

If you want to target specific skin changes, a tapered brush will be your best bet. The tapered shape is perfect for covering acne as it allows for dense application in the most problematic areas without overwhelming the rest of the skin. Use with liquid and cream concealers.

4 Flat foundation brush

You no longer have to worry about looking tired with a flat brush that’s specially designed to tackle problems such as dark eye circles. The brush’s flat shape comes with more precision and blending qualities – you can easily fill in the under-eye area and get maximum coverage. Use with liquid or cream concealer.

Top Recommendations

Even though you’re now familiar with different types of concealer brushes and their differences, the market is saturated with various products that have even more detailed functions. This is why I’ve prepared top recommendations that can kick-start your new makeup routine.

1 LY19 – V – Concealer Brush

You can’t go wrong with Louise Young’s brushes line. This model in particular is perfect for covering your imperfections – its bristles are flat-shaped but slightly tapered at the top to make the application easy and more precise, especially in the under eyes area. It’s also a two-in-one as it works great for distributing eyeshadows.

2 Concealer brush by Elf

Forget under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation. The concealer brush by Elf might be cheaper than other brushes designed for the same purpose but the price doesn’t reflect its value. The flat shape and soft, synthetic bristles fulfil its function well, allowing you to enjoy a flawless complexion.

3 Morphe M6 – Pro Flat Buffer Brush

The density of bristles in this concealer brush allows distributing the foundation evenly on your entire face. It also offers a good dark circles coverage – the flat shape makes it easy to contour the under-eye area. It might not be the best option if you have severe acne but it works well for beginners otherwise.

4 Fiera Cosmetics Concealer brush

One of my personal favorites, this concealer brush from Fiera Cosmetics, is soft and gentle on the skin but strong enough not to fall apart. Using Fiera Cosmetics concealer brush always gives me a smooth and even application.

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